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Dream, Believe and #beatyesterday!

Choose one application for $0.99* USD
All 18 applications for $4.50* USD (includes all future applications).
PlyoMetrics, (HeartMonitor & HeartMonitor App), Period Tracker Widget, Work App, Elliptical, Sports+, Yoga+, Dance, StairMaster+, ROW/SUP, ElliptiGO_Cycle,  Strength, InlineSkating, KickBoxing, KickBike/SkateBoard, Flight ($1.50),  OutdoorSports+ ($1.50), and MotorSports+ ($1.50).

Future applications:   RunSafe, CycleSafe, Golf, and SwimSports+.

-All transactions add on a $0.30 PayPal usage fee.
-All USA-Pennsylvania Residents includes the 6% PA Sales Tax.

*This is a one time fee and will work for the life of the watch.  No recurring License fee.  Once you obtain the code, the application is for you to use, for the life of the watch.   Don’t lose the code!
Starting Jan 1, 2018, the “All Applications” will be 0.25 x # apps.   (.25 x 18= $4.50)

Start Here
Purchase HowTo
1.) JavaScript, Enabled?Yes.
2.) Select the application you want and click “Add to Cart”
3.) Payment at PayPal (use credit card or paypay account)
a. Make payment with PayPal
b. You will come to a page Creating Paypay account,
-for PayPal users, Click NOT NOW (bottom)
-for Non-PayPal Users and want codes automatically, Click Create
-for Non-PayPal Users and Do Not want a PayPal account, Click NOT NOW (bottom), then email me for your codes.
c. Do not close web browser, PayPal will redirect back to in 10 seconds
4.) On the Auth Code page Codes(s) will be generated
or Click Buttons:
a. Save to file, then click to save. Creates text file to save.
b.  Email the code to yourself.  Creates an email to you, just hit Send. (requires email client)
5.) If for some reason, you cannot get your code, or get this screen

email me at or and I will send the code(s) to you.

Simple purchase using PayPal using a credit card. Select Below..

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Purchasing you agree to Fbbbrown Terms and Conditions for the app(s).

After purchase, PayPal will auto-redirect back to to get the codes. There  are 3 three options: Generate Now, Email Yourself and Save to File.  If you cannot retrieve the codes email me at:   I will email you email your code(s).

AuthCode install instructions (please read all)
Full Step By Step Install with pictures

Short instructions – Copy and Paste your PayPal email and authcode Exactly into Connect Phone App or Garmin Express configuration page fields.
Be sure not to include any spaces before or after the email address and authCode.
The AuthCode begins after the “:”.
If you are unsure how to change the configuration click here HOW TO APP SETTINGS

Keep your email, future updates will require to reenter the code.
Auth Codes will NOT be maintained by fbbbrown
HOW TO and General Information