Major update to Elliptical Application

Elliptical Version 2.0 released adds High-frequency Accelerometer support for IQ watches 2.3 or newer. (Fenix5, 5s, 5x, FR935, FR735, VAHR , VA3, D2 Charlie ect).  Also, adds support for show current Pace and adds Lap time and Laps fields.

The High-frequency Accelerometer will provide improved results for watch only users.  The Elliptical setting has a new feature switch (shown below) for the High-frequency Accelerometer support, defaults to OFF.  For now, I will leave this function off, until i receive positive feedback.  turning on this function will turn off the basic cadence input including HRM-RUN and Bike Cadence Sensor.

For user with HRM-RUN and Bike Cadence Sensor, recommend not using this feature since accuracy is near 95% with HRM-RUN and 99% with Bike Cadence Sensor,


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