Flight App Coming

FB3 nearly completed with advanced flight app to replace Flight Fields data field.

The app will have 4 pages of data: flight Fields, General page, waypoint and return to airport pages as default.  all pages are configurable.

The flight app tracks: waypoint navigation, return to airport navigation, ETE, Distance remaining, heading bugs for both Waypoint and Return to Airport.  Custom graphs include: GPS Altitude, Pressure-based Elevation, HR, Energy Expenditure graphs and IQ data points Max Speed, battery tracking.

Wind Speed estimates will be developed using flight circle method.

Major update to Elliptical Application

Elliptical Version 2.0 released adds High-frequency Accelerometer support for IQ watches 2.3 or newer. (Fenix5, 5s, 5x, FR935, FR735, VAHR , VA3, D2 Charlie ect).  Also, adds support for show current Pace and adds Lap time and Laps fields.

The High-frequency Accelerometer will provide improved results for watch only users.  The Elliptical setting has a new feature switch (shown below) for the High-frequency Accelerometer support, defaults to OFF.  For now, I will leave this function off, until i receive positive feedback.  turning on this function will turn off the basic cadence input including HRM-RUN and Bike Cadence Sensor.

For user with HRM-RUN and Bike Cadence Sensor, recommend not using this feature since accuracy is near 95% with HRM-RUN and 99% with Bike Cadence Sensor,


Boxing /KickBoxing App released

Finally support for Boxing and Kickboxing, the Boxing application provides real time data and posts data to Garmin Connect Web and App.
To purchase the unlock code
Picture Tutorial How to Use and install

Custom graphs: Momentary Energy Expenditure, soon jab rate and total jab…

Displayed watch data
-Calories, Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate, Elapsed Timer, Time of Day
-Heart Rate is completely configurable and color coded.
-Configure Heart rate zones in Garmin Connect or Garmin Express using the generic zones
-Battery (Green Horizontal Line )meter uses the entire screen for reliability and acts as a divide to help focus one the upper fields.
-Battery color range: RED less than 15%, Orange 16%-35%, Green greater than 36%
-Fields are auto-adjust for all data ranges for maximum readability through out your entire activity.
-inActivity configuration adjustment. Use phone Connect app to change during activity
-BlueTooth Connectivity as a simple letter “B”.

Yoga and Dance Apps Released


Dance supports 13 difference types: Zumba, Pole Dancing, Bollywood Dancing, Nia Dancing, Belly Dancing, Hip-Hop Dance, Masala Bhangra, Ball Room Dancing, Jazzercise, Hula Hoop Dancing and is configurable at watch or at Configuration.

Yoga:  is finally supported in all watch types!  Coming Soon Pilates!


Pittsburgh Great Race 10K

Well it was my 5th running of the Great Race, but ended as the Worst Race  :(.

85 degrees at the finish, 100% sunny and humidity made for a awful race, that ended with two major blisters one one each little toe.  OUCH.

I should of finished in the mid-38’s and was on pace at the 5k mark, but the blisters was to much to handle and was 3 minutes slower the final 5k.  A week before, I hit a 40 flat without trying at the US Air Force 10km at Dayton, OH.

All the Great Race 10k Stats are Here (at 35 minutes Optical HR died and returned at 37)