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Connect Mobile app (only) – Unlock Instructions:
  1. Have the mobile Garmin Connect App (GCM) open, connected to the watch (in Connect, Watch Icon (top right) will have a Green LED beside the watch) and with access to the internet either wifi or LTE.  Leave Garmin Connect running on your phone or device.
  2. Have the fbbbrown app at the “Start Screen” with the ‘b’ (the ‘b’ indicates the watch is connected to the phone GCM),
  3. In Garmin Connect, select watch Icon(top right), select Activities, Apps & More> Activities & Applications> App to unlock> App Settings> enter your email*, then Save.
  4. Wait at the fbbbrown app start screen until the Red Bar disappears. (3-10 seconds).
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Recent Posts

SwimSports+ Update

2020 "Best Active Lifestyle App" Winner > SwimSports+.

Update v1.15 (Bug Fixes)

  • Adds new Models
  • ERA Corrections (stability)
  • GPS Correction CIQ 3+ for faster startup and better tracking
  • Adds Help Menu CIQ 3+, adds QR code to open the help page using smart phone. Also opens web page if Connect Mobile app is open.
  • Connect IQ SDK Mac-4.0.4-2021-07-01-9df386fcd

Update v2.0 (Coming soon)

  • Manual Lap mode with no Rest Timer
  • Rest Timer page updates
  • River Open Swim Mode (adjusts for river flow)
  • Average Pace saved to Connect
  • Ability to select start page (summary (default), Page 1, Page 2,…)
  • HR Vibe alerts (Long for Out of Heart zone, short for return.)



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