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Connect Mobile app (only) – Unlock Instructions:
  1. Have the mobile Garmin Connect App (GCM) open, connected to the watch (in Connect, Watch Icon (top right) will have a Green LED beside the watch) and with access to the internet either wifi or LTE.  Leave Garmin Connect running on your phone or device.
  2. Have the fbbbrown app at the “Start Screen” with the ‘b’ (the ‘b’ indicates the watch is connected to the phone GCM),
  3. In Garmin Connect, select watch Icon(top right), select Activities, Apps & More> Activities & Applications> App to unlock> App Settings> enter your email*, then Save.
  4. Wait at the fbbbrown app start screen until the Red Bar disappears. (3-10 seconds).
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Recent Posts

New Watchface: Digital Battery Saver

Simple Digital Watch Face, with ultra low battery usage. High contrast display for improved day/night visibility. This for the Garmin users who want battery life and not necessarily needing all that extra data.

With the Fenix 6x solar expect 0.5% per day (24hr). My test with F6x Solar with optical HR and SaO2 (all day) were on.

Note: Watch type, Battery age, number of widgets and active sensors will affect battery drain rate.


-Auto adjusts background/foreground color for better readability

-Supports reduced ultra low processing in normal mode and further savings in configurable modes.

-Additional battery savings using Late Night Mode.

-Configurable Gesture mode for further battery saving.

—Blank Screen Mode: gesture to time

– High Contrast selections

-Custom colors.

-Configurable Auto Color times.


1.) Reduces battery drain, caused by refreshing the same screen over and over

2.) Simple clean Watch Face.

3.) Adjusts for daylight and night conditions to improve readability.

4.) Date Display

5.) Time Color Selections

6.) Simple color coded battery

—100% – 35% 35 green, <35% orange and <15% red

7.) Charging indicator (if function is available)

8.) Solar Charge indicator (if function is available)

Download here https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/6fab8f66-1d7c-4a60-9feb-6493438bbc68


-Brian B.

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