Boxing+ Update


  • adds Martial Arts
  • Karate,
  • Jujitsu,
  • Aikido,
  • Judo,
  • Hapkido,
  • Kung Fu,
  • Capoeira,
  • Krav Maga,
  • Tae Kwon Do and
  • Tai Chi

changes Round Rest Timer to seconds was own minutes, adds internal sensor temperature support, removes default application, adds estimated punches for other hand, adds new devices and using SDK

-Brian B.


Period Tracker Update


  • corrections to Spanish no source changes.


  • Adds new devices,
  • corrections to languages (removes extra unknown letters),
  • fixes manual date entry the date is now set to the current date and
  • SDK mac-3.1.8-2020-05-06-249bf944e


-Brian B.


Work+ Update

Work+ v1.20

Adds Cooking and Auto Repair activities,

Removes Default Application from Configuration Settings,

Adds activity menus (Theme Select, Lock Screen and Screen Rotate),

Adds Time of Day and %Oxygen Saturation(CIQ3.2) Datafields,

Resume fix,

Adds new models, and

SDK 3.1.8-2020-05-06-249bf944e

Heart Monitor+HRV Update

Heart Monitor+ HRV v3.0.1 minor corrections v3.0:
  • added rrHR to Start Screen,
  • display floats for HRV+/- and Average HRV at watch and in Connect,
  • Correction to data value History HRV Average to include current session value, and
  • text change for data value History HRV Average
Heart Monitor+ HRV v3.0
  • Added Graph Page with 4 data graphs
    • CIQ 2.0+ Devices only
    • Not enough space in older devices 😞
    • Plot lines 1, 2, 3 are configurable
      • Configurable from settings
      • Blue, Green, Red.
    • Plot line 4 HRV History (Gray line)
      • History from prior sessions (shown above with 5 saved sessions)
  • Selectable plot times
    • 8 plots
    • Configurable from 4 minutes to 8 hours
    • Set from watch or configuration settings
  • HRV History Graph saved to Connect graphs
    • Requires 1 session before recording the history graph.
  • Corrects data fields selection
    • Removed ibi_ fields
    • one set of fields
    • Smart fields use
    • External ANT+ Data first
    • Optical, attached (connected external) sensors will have ‘_i’
  • Corrects the resume timer error Corrects HRV history value
    • CIQ 1.x devices – Simple average
    • CIQ 2+ devices – True average
    • 240 point historical points average
  • Removes Default Application setting in configuration Add new devices,
  • SDK 3.1.8-2020-05-06-249bf944e
Thanks, -Brian B.

Plyometrics+ Update v3.0.1

Whats new in Plyometrics+ v3.0.1

See updated Help Page(

  • Adds Rebounding Activity,
  • Stops counting jumps while in Rest modes.
  • Adds 3 modes Rest, Get Ready and Go
  • Rest mode, shows Red ring and not Jump counting
  • Get Ready Mode, show Yellow ring
  • 10 seconds before Go mode.

GO Mode, shows Green ring. Manage sets with 4 control functions:

  • Manual button press
  • Set by Rest Timer (use button press to finish set
  • At press rest mode starts for the set Rest Time, after rest time, starts Jump time

Sets by Jump Timer/Rest Timer (Timer Interval) Sets by Jump Count/ Rest Timer (Jump Interval) Adds expanded watch menus for CIQ2+ watch types

  • Activity Select
  • Additional Menus CIQ 2.0 devices or newer
  • Set Control menu
  • Manual.
  • Rest Timer only,
  • Jump Timer/Rest Timer,
  • Jump Count/ Rest
  • All Timers and counters adjustable from watch

Transitions – menu Jump Sensor select (Step Based or Cadence Based) Divide /2 correction

  • The following bug fixes
  • Resume Fix,
  • Correction Gear weight function,
  • Pulls in updates to all screens

adds new devices, Using SDK 3.1.8-2020-05-06-249bf944e


-Brian B.