My Story

For life: To become a better person.
For running: To never stop pushing my limits.
For coaching: Sharing my passion of running and teaching others how to find their own.


My story in three word: Dream, Believe & Execute
In the beginning, these were the three words I say to myself when times were tough, when I don’t want to do it or when it hurt. I wear this phrase today on my RoadID bracelet and is my guidance:
1.) When I don’t follow it and I fail,
2.) When I put the effort in and achieve my goal.

brianBefore and now2

I started my weight loss in June 2010 and hit 102 lbs. in April 2011. I lost my first 50 lbs. in 4 months (~18 weeks) and the last 50 in 6 months. My original BMI was a 38 and now I’m at 22. My waist was a 40″ and down to a 28″ waist.


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  1. Hi
    Just updated the motorsports app after purchasing and now the app causes watch to crash and Garmin is just stuck on the screen.
    Fenix 3 is the watch I’m using and the demo worked fine which is why I bought the full version but now as soon as its saved the code and email address its just crashing? Is there another update needed?

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