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About Me:

Software Experience: I have been a firmware developer for American Auto-Matrix and The Boeing Company for over 25 years.

Coaching Experience: I’m currently a coach for the Penn State Fayette Track and Field, and Cross County.  While at Penn State, I was part of the coaching staff of the team that won the 2019 Track and Field USCAA National Championship team.

Meet Prior to Penn State, I was Coach for a USATF Track and Field Club, and head coach for the Cross Country team for seven years.


Racing and Running

Member of the Brooks ID Elite team 2012-2013 and a current member of the Brooks ID Coaching Program.

For life: To become a better person.
For running: To never stop pushing my limits.
For coaching: Sharing my passion of running and teaching others how to find their own.


My story in three word: Dream, Believe & Execute
In the beginning, these were the three words I say to myself when times were tough, when I don’t want to do it or when it hurt. I wear this phrase today on my RoadID bracelet and is my guidance:
1.) When I don’t follow it and I fail,
2.) When I put the effort in and achieve my goal.

brianBefore and now2

I started my weight loss in June 2010 and hit 102 lbs. in April 2011. I lost my first 50 lbs. in 4 months (~18 weeks) and the last 50 in 6 months. My original BMI was a 38 and now I’m at 22. My waist was a 40″ and down to a 28″ waist.

12 thoughts on “About Fbbbrown

  1. Hi
    Just updated the motorsports app after purchasing and now the app causes watch to crash and Garmin is just stuck on the screen.
    Fenix 3 is the watch I’m using and the demo worked fine which is why I bought the full version but now as soon as its saved the code and email address its just crashing? Is there another update needed?

  2. Hi, just updated Sports+ and lost my registration. I have forgotten how I managed it last time (btw it’s annoying to recognize during the activity that you are in the 10 minutes test periode again). I reentered my mail and (hopefully the right) code, but it doesn’t work. I bought the whole package in October 18.
    Regards Stefan

    • Hi,
      Most users can just use there purchase email to unlock.
      How to Unlock With the new unlock system,
      1. In a Garmin Utility program (Garmin Connect Mobile App, Garmin Connect IQ Store Mobile App, or Garmin Express software) only enter your email*, uncheck(OFF) the Verify/Validate button, then Save.   Be sure not to include any spaces before or after.  
      2. With Garmin Connect** Mobile App open and with access to the internet, start the Watch app.   **Must use Garmin Connect Mobile App for internet unlock.
      3. Wait at the fbbbrown app start screen until the Red Bar disappears.  (3-10 seconds)
      *NOTE: All Epix users and only my HeartMonitor (datafield) still use the code/email.  
      If you are having a problem. 
      1. Give your watch a restart and check if the email/code are entered correctly. Sometimes the email/code do not save the first time after a new install or update.   
      2. If you still have an issue, There is an option in settings to ‘Default Application’.  Set to on, save and start the App.  Then enter your email again.
      3. I have been getting feedback that users are needing to uninstall, restart the watch, reinstall the app due to the app may not being fully installed by the Garmin Connect Phone App..

  3. Hi, love your dozen series datafield
    Can you help to add the di2 gear combo and temperture to the field. It will be perfect then.
    I am using forerunner 945.
    Thanks a lots

    • Thanks, I will look into the Gear Combo, but the temperature I cannot in a Datafield. Temperature is only available in full apps.

      • Great! I’ve been using Dozen Run for eight months now and it’s been instrumental during my marathon and ultra training.

        I do have a quick question if you don’t mind, is there a way to get the elevation gain somehow in Dozen Walk? Oh, and since I’m asking about elevation, is there a way to only see total elevation gain with Dozen Run and not see current elevation?

        Thanks again for all these great data fields, I’ll be sure to contribute on PayPal to show appreciation for all your hard work!!

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