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About Me:

Software Experience: I have been a firmware developer for American Auto-Matrix and The Boeing Company for over 25 years.

Coaching Experience: I’m currently a coach for the Penn State Fayette Track and Field, and Cross County.  While at Penn State, I was part of the coaching staff of the team that won the 2019 Track and Field USCAA National Championship team.

Meet Prior to Penn State, I was Coach for a USATF Track and Field Club, and head coach for the Cross Country team for seven years.


Racing and Running

Member of the Brooks ID Elite team 2012-2013 and a current member of the Brooks ID Coaching Program.

For life: To become a better person.
For running: To never stop pushing my limits.
For coaching: Sharing my passion of running and teaching others how to find their own.


My story in three word: Dream, Believe & Execute
In the beginning, these were the three words I say to myself when times were tough, when I don’t want to do it or when it hurt. I wear this phrase today on my RoadID bracelet and is my guidance:
1.) When I don’t follow it and I fail,
2.) When I put the effort in and achieve my goal.

brianBefore and now2

I started my weight loss in June 2010 and hit 102 lbs. in April 2011. I lost my first 50 lbs. in 4 months (~18 weeks) and the last 50 in 6 months. My original BMI was a 38 and now I’m at 22. My waist was a 40″ and down to a 28″ waist.

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  1. I have updated the Elliptical app and now I have issues to register it.
    Some times the code is accepted but short time after the app reset itself and looses all the setings. Any suggestion? (simply restart the app, phone and watch: fenix5x does not help).

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