Analog Battery Saver

Simple Analog Watch Face that looks real, with ultra low battery drain. High contrast display for improved day/night visibility. 


  • Auto adjusts background/foreground color for better readability
  • Supports reduced processing in normal mode and further savings in sleep mode.
  • Additional battery savings x1, x2, x3 and x5. 
  • Configurable Gesture modes for further battery savings
  • 2 Gesture modes:
  • —Second Hand Gesture: provides second hand, Month and Day 
  • —Blank Screen Mode: gestures to watchface
  • High Contrast tick selections
  • Custom the minute hand and second hand colors.
  • Configurable Auto Color times.
  • Adjusts for daylight and night conditions to improve readability. 
  • Date Display
  • Hand Color Selections 

How To:

  • Install: Download To watch and AnalogBatterySaver is set to display. 
  • Uninstall: Switch to the default watch face, then uninstall watch face.
  • Setup: Go to AnalogBatterySaver Configuration settings

Configuration Settings

  • Set Background Color
    1. Auto AM/PM mode
    2. Custom Color background
  • Auto AM/PM mode
    • Watch Face uses Default Colors and uses the AM and PM time to auto adjust the color for better viewing.
      • *Not recommended for Venu watch types.
      • Set AM Time – AM Hour the watch face background is White
      • Set PM Time- PM Hour the watch face background is Black
  • Custom Color Background
    • 14 colors fully adjustable
    • When a Background Color is set, enables the following:
      • Hour Hand Color
      • Minute Hand Color
      • Second Hand Color
      • Tick Color
      • Circle Color
      • Date Color
  • Display Date – allows for 6 display options
    1. None – No Date
    2. Month Day – MM DD (Jan 01)
    3. Day Month – DD MM (01 JAN)
    4. Day only – DD (01)
    5. Weekday Day – WD DD (Wed 01)
    6. Day Weekday – DD WD (01 Wed)
  • Battery Saving Mode
    • Decrease refresh rate by (x1, x2, x3 and x5)
    • Larger number decreases battery usage
    • *May cause flicker in certain watch models
  • Gesture Mode
    • Off – Gesture functions disabled
      • NO battery saving
    • Gesture Second – shows second hand on gesture.
      • NO battery saving
    • Gesture Time Blank Screen – Screen is Blank normal view on Gesture time is shown.
      • High Battery savings
      • Not recommended for Venu
  • Show Second Hand – (Yes/No) No, disables second hand from screen.
  • Enable Ticks – Controls 1 minute tick and 5 minute tick display
  • Set Background logo – off and three preset image options for runner shoe brands