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Is a General Purpose Training app without automatic rep detection and counting. This app provides the necessary functions to properly weight train by counting sets and provides silent feed back of recovery periods.  This app provides additional calorie calculations when training with a Weight Vest, Ankle weights or Wrist Weights and provides ‘Weight Adjustable’ calorie calculations and posts data to Garmin Connect Web and App.  Additional weight can be added in configuration settings.

The plus (+) means the app supports other similar activity types.  

  • Strength,
  • Cross Fit,
  • Cardio,
  • 5×5 A and B
  • Custom Title with Class Number, (I.e online classes with a workout #)
  • Abs Training
  • Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and
  • Mobility/Flexibility

Sensors Used

  • Heart Rate
  • Footpod
  • Temperature (Tempe or Internal)

How to unlock

How to use:

  • To select Activities at the watch Start Screen (if needed)
  • Press Start to Start session
  • Start start First set
    • Press Lap Button
      • Screen will vibrate and beep
      • Red Ring
        • Rest Time
      • Yellow Ring
        • Rest Time
        • 10 Seconds before next set
          • Short Vibrate
        • 5  Seconds before next set
          • Long Vibrate and 3 short vibrates 
      • Green Ring
        • Start Set
        • Press Lap Button
        • Repeat …

After each set, press the lap/set button or swipe right, to increase the set count and start the down count timer for next set.  Rest Down Count Timer is defaulted at 90 second and can be changed.

Note: Tones and Vibrated alert in all watches except VivoActive watches, this is a Garmin limitation.

Button Presses / Touch Screen Functions

  • General App How-to and Settings (ALL)
  • Start/Stop
    • Long Press – Watch Default 
    • Short press starts Strength App
    • Second short press shows the Resume, Save, Discard menu
      • Select option or press the back button to resume activity
  • Lap Press / Back
    • Provides Normal Lap Information, count sets restart the rest timer.
    • *Manual Rep/Set counting
  • Power Button
    • Long Press – Watch Default Control Menu 
    • Short press – not used
  • Up Button
    • Long Press – Strength Menus
      • App Menu
      • Activity menu  
    • Short press – screen display up
  • Down Button
    • Long Press – Watch Default 
    • Short press – screen display down
  • TouchScreen Hold – Strength Menus
    • App Menu
    • Activity menu  
  • TouchScreen – Up/Down – Scrolls Screen Display
  • TouchScreen Set/Lap – swipe Left to Right

Training App Settings (Phone / Express)

  • Select activity:
    • Strength,
    • Cross Fit,
    • Cardio,
    • 5×5 A and B
    • Custom Title with Class Number, (I.e online classes with a workout #)
      • Set Custom Name
      • Set Class Number (0 no Number will be displayed)
    • Abs Training
    • Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
    • Mobility/Flexibility
  • Custom Name – Enter Title Name to be saved to Connect
  • GPS: OFF/ON. 
    • OFF Default
    • GPS ON
    • GPS + GALILEO (CIQ 3.2)
    • GPS + GLONASS (CIQ 3.2)
  • Use R-R in place of Garmin Heart Rate
    • Default OFF
    • ON uses the R-R Heart on screen for accurate viewing of heart rate.
  • Additional Weight For Calorie Calculation
    • Enter in Kg (0 = use only body weight) 
    • Adjusted calories (avg hr) and Adjusted calories sum (hr) are different calorie calculations using a calorie formula from the Journal of Sports Sciences. 
  • CountDown Timer –  sets timer for Rest period. (Default 90 seconds )
  • Auto Scroll –  timer for screen scroll (0 = Off)
  • Invert Color –  Changes color theme (Dark or Light)
  • (CIQ2.0+) Transitions to Next App
    • Supported in CIQ 2.0+ devices
    • Allows several activities to be connected together for complete workout of several different activities
      • Apps needs to be installed to transition to occur.
      • Elliptical -> Transition -> Strength+ -> Transition-> RunSafe+ 
      • Accumulates and saves Total Time, Distance, Calories and Steps to each activity.
      • Final Activity contains the Totals of all. 
  • (CIQ3) HRV
    • Supported in CIQ 3.0+ devices
    • Enables the HRV calculation, data and graphs
  • Fields: 
    • All Devices:
      • Timer, Garmin Calories, Adjusted calories (avg hr), Adjusted calories sum (hr), energy expenditure, Heart rate, Average heart rate, Maximum heart rate, Minimum heart rate, Train effect, Temperature (with tempe), Battery (% used during activity), Laps/sets, Lap time, Last lap time and set down counter.
    • CIQ 2.0+
      • Transition Data -> Total Timer, Total Calories, Total Steps
    • CIQ 3.0+
      • HRV Data -> HRV, R-R Heart Rate, R-R Interval time, HRV difference, Abnormal Beats, rMSSD, SDNN
      • (See Heart Monitor App for meanings)
    • CIQ 3.2+
      • % Oxygen Saturation 

Training App Settings (Watch)

  • Start Screen Menu
    • Long Press Up Button or Long Touch Screen
      • Select activity
      • Transitions to Next App CIQ 2.0+
  • Activity Menu
    • Long Press Up Button or Long Touch Screen
      • Count Down Timer Adjust
      • Lock Button / Screen
      • Invert Color 
      • Auto Scroll On /Off
      • Transitions to Next App CIQ 2.0+

Connect IQ Graphs

  • Energy Expenditure – (in Calorie/hr)
  • RR Heart Rate (CIQ 3 only)
  • RR Interval (CIQ 3 only)
  • HRV (CIQ 3 only)
  • Location Abnormailty (CIQ 3 only)
  • rMSSD (CIQ 3 only)
  • SDNN(CIQ 3 only)

Connect IQ Data

  • Minimum Heart Rate – lowest heart rate
  • Battery Used – % Battery used during activity
  • Total Steps – total steps during activity
  • Instantaneous Calorie Sum
    •  weight adjusted total calories using current HR calculated every second.  The calorie value is a sum one second of the Calorie Calculations for the entire activity.  (Highly accurate)
  • Adjusted Calories Average HR
    • weight adjusted total calories using Average HR  calculated using average Heart Rate
  • Set Counted
  • Double Beats 
  • Skipped Beats
  • Average HRV
  • Average rMSSD
  • Average SDNN
  • Transition -> Total Time
  • Transition -> Steps
  • Transition -> Calories 

Updated 29 October 2020

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