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The Yoga+ app provides activity tracking for Yoga, Pilates or Meditation.
The plus (+) means the app supports other similar activity types.  To access the other activity types can be done in two (2) ways:
1.)In Configuration Settings using Connect App or Express App, the fourth setting is the Activity Type Selection.  select and save.  the next time you start your activity the selected activity will be chosen.
2.) from the watch, at the start screen (Press Start..) of the app, either long press the up button or touchscreen watches long press the screen.  A menu will appear, select the activity, and start the activity.

Select: Yoga, Pilates, Barre or Meditation
Lap Press is enable to allow tracking per movement.

Suported Sensors (ANT+/BLE)

  • HeartRate (Internal / External)
  • Temperature (Internal/Tempe)
  • Footpod

IQ Graph
Energy Expenditure – (in Calorie/hr)

IQ Data
Minimum Heart rate –  Lowest Heart Rate during Activity
Battery Used – % Battery used during activity

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