Download Dozen Paddle & Kayak

Dozen Paddle/Kayak data field is 12 data display with Race Prediction, calculated distance per stroke and graphing**. (*IQ 2.x only).

-Speed uses a rolling average and silky smooth no rollup/roll down delays. The ‘Rolling Average’ is configurable from Garmin raw pace to 24 seconds rolling average.

-Smart ‘defaulted’ values are ready for all users, so configuration is not necessary.

–Heart Rate is completely configurable and color coded.

-distance per stroke and is a graph in connect.

-average distance per stroke

-cadence correction as a factor. 

– Battery meter uses the entire screen for reliability and acts as a divide to help focus one the upper fields.

-Cadence zones are Color coded to keep you in your Ideal cadence sweet spot. Colors matches Garmin’s Cadence Colors

–All Display settings Metric/Statute are auto adjustable by user watch settings.

-Fields are auto-adjust for all data ranges for maximum readability through out your entire activity.

-Coded to reduce battery loss so your watch battery does NOT die before your active is complete due to inefficient poor coding


HR = Heart Rate

AHR = Avg Heart Rate

ET = Elapse Time

CAD = Cadence 

ACAD = Avg Cadence

ft/ST = Feet / Stroke Distance

M/st = Meters / Stroke Distance

B = Bluetooth phone connected

GPS Dots = 0 no gps,1 last known, 3 poor, 4 usable, 5 good 

DozenPaddle Configuration Settings

  • Rolling Average Speed in Seconds
    • Sets the Average window
    • default is 6
  • Background Color
    • FR 235, 630, FR 920, Epix, VivoActive Family and Venu
    • All others use watch app color settings
  • Custom Cadence Zones
    • Upper cadence zone (Purple)
      • default 105
    • Middle cadence zone (Green)
      • default 85
    • Lower Cadence zone (Yellow)
      • default 65
  • Unit Override
    • Statute/Metric (default)
    • knots/Nautical Miles
  • Lower Left Field Select
    • Calories
    • Cadence or Stroke Distance (VAhr)
  • Lower Right Field Select
    • Average Stroke distance
    • Cadence
  • Adjust Cadence (Correction Factor)
    • 1.0 no adjust (Default)
    • less than 1 divides cadence
    • greater than 1 multipiles
  • Prediction Time
    • 0 (zero) off
    • Enter Prediction distance in Meters
    • Average Speed field will rotate with Prediction Time every 6 seconds