Dozen Cycle

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This is a 12 field display:

-Estimated Power Calculation (FR735, 935, All Edge, All Fenix5, and VAhr only) 

(If your watch is not listed and you want Estimated Power Calculation use ‘ePwr’:

–Configurable power settings are all metric.

-Speed uses a rolling average and silky smooth no rollup/roll down delays. The “Rolling Average” is configurable from Garmin raw speed to 30 seconds rolling average.

-Field sizes enlarged for cycling.

-Smart ‘defaulted’ values are ready for all users, so configuration is not necessary.

–Heart Rate is completely configurable through Garmin Connect and color coded zones. 

-Three Cycle Cadence zones are configurable and color coded to keep you in your Ideal cadence sweet spot. Yellow, Green and Purple.

– Upper left field auto-detects if no Cadence sensor is attached. Avg Heart rate is used.

– Battery meter uses the entire screen for reliability and acts as a divide to help focus one the upper fields.

–All Display settings Metric/Statute are auto adjustable by user watch settings. 

-Fields are auto-adjust for all data ranges for maximum readability through out your entire activity.

Power Estimate Connect configuration variables EDGE models only.(defaults will be close but fine tuning will give reasonable accuracy)

Configuration Setup

Power Estimate Connect configuration variables.(defaults will be close but fine tuning will give reasonable accuracy)

Cycle and gear weight: is just that, body weight is grabbed from watch.

Crr (Coefficient Rolling resistance) : use this web site for your tire Crr:

Cd (CoeffiecentDrag ) A (frontal Area as meters squared)

Show Power, Grade or Both: select value to display on the screen

Grade: Show Negative: using the “-” will reduce text size. use “.” will keep text larger.

Grade: Show Decimal Values: display grade as “1.1” or “1”.

Calculate Power Always: -With Cadence sensor: 

–set to on to display/save power when not pedaling

–set to off to NOT display/save power when not pedaling

Calculate Power Always: -WITHOUT Cadence sensor: 

-Set to off.

Run Coach shows Pace for IQ 2.x devices

Layout Dozen Cycle Datafield
Cadence* | HR
Speed | Distance
Battery meter (Green Bar)
Average Speed | (bluetooth) Timer
Calories | Time | Elevation

*Smart field: Cadence = 0, Average Heart Rate is shown (AHR)