Download Estimated Power

estimate Pwr +Grade

Is an accurate cycling estimated power for all watch and Edge Computers. This is the same power calculation that is used in the DozenCycle (CIQ 2.0+ devices), but packaged as a simple data field. This is a companion datafield for DozenCycle and watches with IQ version 1.3/1.4 (or lower).

Provides 3 Custom IQ Graphs

  1. Est Power graph
  2. % Grade graph
  3. FTP graph (graph start after 20 minutes)

Provides 3 IQ session data

  1. Activity Power data
  2. Maximum Activity Power data
  3. Max FTP data

This Data field needs to be added to the Bike app within your watch to view.

Configuration Setup

  • Power Estimate Connect configuration variables.
    • (defaults will be close but fine tuning will give reasonable accuracy)
  • Cycle and gear weight: (in Kg)
    • only cycle and gear
    • body weight is entered from watch.
    • default value = 20
  • Crr (Coefficient Rolling resistance) :
  • Cd (CoeffiecentDrag )
  • Estimated Max FTP
    • Saved from Cycle Session
    • Stored as reference as the Maximum FTP ever recorded
  • Show Power, Grade or Both:
    • Show Power (Default)
    • Show Grade
    • Show Both (Power and Grade)
    • Sets value to display on the screen
  • Grade: Show Negative:
    • Yes, using the “-” (-20.1)
      • will reduce text size.
    • Yes, use “.” (.20.1)
    • No, only Grade will be shown. (20.1)
  • Grade: Show Decimal Values:
    • Yes, display grade as (20.1)
    • Now, display grade as (20)
  • Calculate Power Always:
    • (uncheck / Off) Power is not calculated, if Pedal Cadence is = 0
    • (check / On) Power always calculated regardless to Pedal Cadence
    • Typical Setting
      • (Uncheck / Off) Yes, using External Cadence sensor
      • (Check / On) No, Cadence sensor attached
    • Default is (Uncheck / Off)