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Dozen Run, Swim, Paddle and Cycle Data Fields
After others are forcing you to pay for these applications, so I decided to make a great data field(s) and then keep them free. I’m a Software engineer, sponsored runner and run coach, I combined my engineering and running knowledge to bring you these streamline applications.  

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I put thousands of hours of bench and field testing these simple applications. So, consider a small donation.

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Common Help (All Data Fields)

Install f3b data fields Instructions:

Datafields need to be added to a Garmin builtin app (Run, Bike, Row, SUP or Swim), here is how to add.

Newer watches CIQ 3.0+

ACTIVITY” is the builtin-in that is desired to be set. (Run, Bike, Row, SUP or Swim)

  • From the watch face> Long press the up-button or touchscreen>
  • Scroll to Activity & Apps>
  • Select ACTIVITY>
    • (Run, Bike, Row, SUP or Swim)
  • Select ACTIVITY Settings>
  • Select Data Screens>
  • Scroll to screen to add Dozen____ or
  • Add new screen> Press Start button (pencil icon).
  • Set layout to single screen
  • Scroll to Data fields,
  • Press Start Button (screen will blink),
  • Press Start Button again,
  • Select ConnectIQ Fields> Dozen____.
  • That will add data field to the Garmin App.
  • Escape to watch face Press back Lap Button until the watch face.

Older watches CIQ 2.0 or older

From the clock watch face, long press menu button (touchscreen long press screen)

  • In the main menu select:
  • Select Settings>
  • Select Activities &Apps >
  • Select ACTIVITY >
    • (Run, Bike, Row, SUP or Swim)
  • Select ACTIVITY Settings ,
  • Select Data Screens,
  • Select first Screen
  • then Set Layout  to the entire screen.
  • Set Field 1 to ConnectIQ Fields, Dozen___

Most watches are the same as described above, but there could be small differences.

Edit Datafield Settings

This Video will show how to edit settings using Garmin Connect Mobile and Garmin Connect IQ Store.

These are a Data Field Suite, where all field are similar making it easier to read while in an activity.  

The Dozen fields are intended for training, the data field works fine for speed work, track or races, but readability in these conditions maybe tougher. 

Description for all fields
–All watch types are support for all data fields. Coded simple to keep bugs at minimum.
-Race Prediction completely configurable for any distance. Distance is entered in meters. Enter 1%-2% longer distance to adjust for normal GPS error and better race prediction.
-Cadence either from watch, footpod or crank cadence. Color coded to provide instant readability
-Heart Rate field is configurable to several methods: calculation (default), manual entered max HR, or individual zones Color coded to provide instant readability
-Pace/Speed is a rolling average to give a smooth reading configurable from 1 second to 120 seconds (Metric or statute by user setting)
-Distance is the total distance for the activity (Metric or statute by user setting)
-Timer is the Elapse time of the active time. Not Elapsed time.
– Battery meter uses the entire screen for reliability and acts as a divide to help focus one the upper fields.
-Avg Pace\Speed is a Garmin’s provided datafield. (Metric or statute by user setting)
-Calories is the activity calories.
-Elevation based on Garmin’s values. (Metric or statute by user setting)
-Time of day either in 12hr or 24 hour (based on user setting)
-(Fenix3/920)Auto background color Black or White background based on app settings
-(230/235) Configurable background color Black or White background (user configuration)
-GPS uses same indicator as iPhone for GPS signal. 5=full, 4=usable, 3=poor, 2=unused, 1= last location & 0 = no GPS
-Blue Tooth connectivity is shown as a blue “B”
-Paddle Stroke distance is a calculated by actual speed / cadence. Displayed in Meters/Feet.

IMPORTANT: If you have a Question, recommendation or problem.
Please provide as much as possible (for example the following):

1.) Watch type, Watch firmware version and ConnectIQ version.
2. programmed from Garmin Connect (phone type) or Garmin Express
3.) Which data field 
4.) description of issue
5.) if its a “!” error include the error log from your watch. Connect your watch to a PC using USB cable. The error log is located x:\GARMIN\APPS\LOGS. copy the listing and paste in the post.


  • Download Issue/Cannot Install -> “App requires an update before install”,
    • Update software and Restart
    • Your watch is in a firmware install /maintenance mode.
      • Reboot the watch twice and restart the installing app (connect or express). 
    • Then complete the download again.
  • “IQ!” Issue: If you receive a “!”, completely uninstall, reboot and then reinstall. The Setting file changed and the automated Garmin install is not replacing the setting file.
  • TIMER Issue: If you update/install and you see the TIMER and don’t see the Dozen data field.
    • The data field update or install may require a restart of watch.
    • Or the data field needs added to the built-in application, again.