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Layout Dozen Swim data field 
Laps | SWOLF
Pace| Distance
Battery meter (Green Bar)
Average Pace | (bluetooth) Timer 
Calories| TIME | Stroke Type


-Laps determined by Pool Length / total distance. Pool Length is configurable in DozenSwim Settings.(Connect Mobile App, Connect IQ Store app or Garmin Express)

– SWOLF Score

-Current PACE (Metric or statute by Watch user setting)

-Current Distance (Metric or statute by Watch setting) Yds/meters

-Average pace (Metric or statute by Watch setting)

-Total distance (Metric or statute by Watch setting) Yds/meters

-Total Calorie

-Time of Day


-Blue Tooth connectivity 

-Stroke type

-(Older Watch Models) GPS uses same indicator as iPhone for GPS signal. 5=full, 4=usable, 3=poor, 2=unused, 1= last location & 0 = no GPS

-(CIQ 3.0) GPS-X 4=full, 3=usable, 2=poor, 1= last location & 0 = GPS OFF

-aSD, if HR is 0, Average Stroke Distance will be displayed, only available on fenix5X,5, 5s and 735xt.

-Blue ‘b’ is BLE connection to phone