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Our watches needs the Best Support for Skiing (Direct support for: Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding (Resort and Backcountry modes), Cross Country Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Skate Skiing, Snowshoeing and Water Skiing!

Resort Mode counts Ski Time, Lift Time, Counts Downhill Runs and Lift. Do not get stuck in bad weather with Built in Weather conditions, Hourly and Daily Forecasts at the watch screen.

This is a pay application for $3 USD, and the free version is limited to 10 Minutes.

Advanced GNSS Native GLONASS, GALILEO, AutoGNSS (SatIQ), GNSS L1 & L5, BEIDOU Support.

This application provides real time data, return navigation, Weight adjusted calorie calculations and posts data to Garmin Connect Web and App. The calorie formula is from the Journal of Sports Sciences and provides gender specific values. The calorie data is based from both current heart rate and average heart rate, and the data is posted to Connect as an IQ Data.


-Single band, Dual Band and Multi Band GNSS Support

-GPS, +GLONASS, +GALILEO (CIQ 3.2) and +BEIDOU (CIQ 3.3.6+)

-AutoGNSS (SatIQ), GNSS L1 & L5, (CIQ 3.3.6+)

-Maps with Lap Point Location and Run/Lift Locations (in Mapping Devices)

-Return Navigation: Return ETE and Return Distance Remaining with Red Navigation bug (All Fields are Configurable)

–The Return ETE and Distance Remaining are determined by the starting position and your current position. The heading bug is the course of your starting location.

Supported Sensors

-Internal HeartRate, SaO2 and External HeartRate Monitor


-Temperature (tempe)

Custom Fields:

-Runs Count

-Lifts Count

-Skiing Time

-Lift Time

-%Sa02 levels

-Breathing Rates (Requires External HRM)

-Max Speed (Metric or Statute)

-Speed (Metric or Statute)

-Average Speed (Metric or Statute)

-Elapse Timer

-Elevation (Metric or Statute) (Barometer Based)


-Total Ascent

-Total Descent

-Vertical Speed / Minute

-Return Estimated Time Enroute (ETE

-Return Distance Remaining

-Distance (Metric or Statute)

-Distance Remaining (Metric or Statute)

-Heart Rate (color coded on all screens)

-Average Heart Rate (color coded on 2nd and 3rd)

-Max Heart Rate


-Instantaneous Calorie Sum (hr) Weight adjusted

-Adjusted Calories (avghr) Weight adjusted

-Energy Expenditure

-Temperature and Tempe, Body Temperature difference, Watch – Tempe Temperature difference

-% Battery used

-GPS Strength 0-4

-Fast read battery meter

-Bluetooth Connectivity

-Time of Day 12hr or 24hr

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Brian Brown

F3b Boxing / Kick Boxing Update

F3b Boxing / Kick Boxing Update v3.10

-Corrects an issue with VenuSq and VivoActive3 devices

-Adds ‘AutoLock Screen at Start’ option on/off selection in settings. (CIQ 2+)

–For Touchscreen devices only

–Default OFF.

-adds ‘Arnis‘ Activity selection

-Start Screen improvements and additional messages (CIQ 2+)

-Using Connect IQ SDK Mac 4.1.7-2022-11-21-562b8a195


Brian Brown

SwimSports+ Update

SwimSports v3.4

-Corrects Discard option not exiting properly(CIQ3+)

-Corrects start screens text and data displayed

-Adds Transition option to Start Screen Menu (CIQ3+)

-Corrects ERA Issue (VivoActive 3)

-Using Garmin CIQ SDK 4.1.7-2022-11-21-562b8a195


Brian Brown

Updates to F3b Privacy Policy

As part of my commitment to giving you the best experience possible, I have updated the F3b Privacy Policy with changes that took effect on January 05, 2023.

This update January 27, 2023 includes changes to the:

  • Adds payment service
  • Removes payment service
  • Adds WP EasyCart as the eCommerce Shopping Cart Software
  • Updates information collected
  • Updates fbbbrown name to f3b

We encourage you to review the updated Terms of Use on our website.

Thank you,

Brian B.

Esports+ Update

Esports+ v2.1

-Add %SaO2 on/off selection in settings. Default OFF.

-Workaround Garmin battery issues in FR955, Venu 2 and FR255.

-Improved Sensor handling

-ERA Corrections (Stability)

-Adds CIQ 1.4 devices (Fenix3, FR230, FR235, FR630, FR920)

-Adds All new devices

-Using Connect IQ SDK Mac 4.1.7-2022-11-21-562b8a195


Brian Brown

F3b Notice: Battery drain


There is a new Garmin bug within the Venu2 family, FR55 and FR955 that is affecting battery drain. The Garmin issues have been acknowledged and there are bug ticket numbers assigned. The Garmin bug tickets can be viewed in the https:\\

F3b has made several workarounds and improvements to each app to further reduce battery drain and there are a few things you can to reduce your watch battery drain.

    • A pending updates will cause extreme battery drains.
    • I recommend, using Garmin Express for installing All CIQ apps or Garmin Software updates.
  • Restart the watch after any CIQ app install or Garmin Software update.
  • Set the SaO2 sensor to “Manual Check” or “On Demand”. The default is ‘Always’ or ‘All Day’.
  • Use a less intensive widgets and watch face. These types of Garmin Apps typically use Garmin Background service and is continually running in the background and will increase battery drain.
  • Remove all unused apps, watchfaces, and widgets.


-Brian B.

Garmin Express ->

Garmin Forums ->

StairStepper+ Update

StairStepper+ v5.0

-Adds GNSS Multi-Satellite Support (CIQ 3.3.6+)


–Multi-Satellite support L1 GPS,GLONASS,GALILEO, BEIDOU


–AutoGNSS (SatIQ)

-Add %SaO2 on/off selection in settings

-Adds Color Fill option for datafields for better readability (Configuration Option)

-Workaround Garmin battery issues in FR955, Venu 2 and FR255.

-Improved Sensor handling

-ERA Corrections (Stability)

-Adds All new devices

-Using Connect IQ SDK Mac 4.1.7-2022-11-21-562b8a195


Brian Brown