Update: Email Saving Issue

The email saving issue in Garmin Connect Mobile app has been resolved! 🎉🎉🎉

Download the current version of Connect Mobile App ( Released September 5, 2019.

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-Brian B.

Email Saving Issue

ACTIVE ISSUE since Friday August 23 2019

NOTICE: Currently there is an error in Garmin Connect Mobile (GCM) that will not allow you save your email address to unlock your application. The CIQ APP saving function is saving a text file to the watch, when it should be saving a special file that the apps can read.  This is affecting all CIQ apps including mine.Please, use the following instructions to unlock your application.

UPDATE AUG 29: Garmin Released Connect Mobile App (4.22.11) the problem was not addressed.

UPDATE AUG 27: Garmin has responded and is currently working this issue. Below is a solution until Garmin posts the update.

Please use these instructions, they are slightly different and require two (2) Garmin applications GCM and Garmin Connect IQ Store (GCIQS) applications.

Connect IQ App Store Download the Garmin Connect IQ Store App. iPhone Android

Updated Unlock Instructions:

So, with that information how to resolve your issue is.

  1. First we need to remove the bad settings file by Uninstalling the apps that you cannot unlock, restart the watch and then reinstall using Garmin Connect IQ store app.
    1. The restart will remove the bad settings file.
  2. Have the program Garmin Connect Mobile App (GCM) open and with access to the internet. Open the background of your phone.
  3. Have the fbbbrown app at the “Start Screen” with the ‘b’ (the ‘b’ indicates the watch is connected to the phone GCM), then
  4. Then Using Garmin Connect IQ Store (GCIQS) App to enter your email*, uncheck(OFF) the Verify/Validate button, then Save.
  5. Wait at the fbbbrown app start screen until the Red Bar disappears. (3-10 seconds)
    *NOTE: All Epix users and only my HeartMonitor (datafield) still use the code/email.

If you are having a problem.
-Give your watch a restart and check if the email/code are entered correctly. Sometimes the email/code do not save the first time after a new install or update.
-If you still have an issue, there is an option in settings to ‘Default Application’. Set to ON, save and start the App. Then enter your email again.

Video How-To

Dozen Datafields Settings Save Error

The error ‘value must be between 0 and 0’ is a new bug in the Garmin Express and Garmin Connect.

Until Garmin fixes the bug(s), use Connect IQ™ Store by Garmin


DozenRun, DozenCycle, DozenSwim, DozenPaddle and DozenWalk

July 9 purchases

I am having an internal server error at the moment.
Once corrected all transactions will be automatically put through the system. Thanks,

UPDATE: This is RESOLVED as of July 9 2019 11:46 UTC.  All setup and emails are being resent for  09-JULY-2019 purchases.

SwimSports+ and BikeSafe+

BikeSafe+ (June) and SwimSports+ (July) are ready for release. These Apps features many Activity Type supports and activity specific features that will separate you from your competition. BikeSafe+.

  • BikeSafe+ Features:
    • 8 activity support (Cycling, MTB, BMX, CycloCross,Spinning, Indoor, Hand Cycling and Commuting )
    • Safe Alert Notifications (Email and SMS)
    • HRV, Heart Monitor and Recovery (CIQ 3.0)
    • Transitions for total workout information (CIQ 2.0)
    • Estimated Power, Normalize power and FTP.
    • % Grade
    • IQ Graphs and Data
    • Sensor Support (cadence, power, speed and temperature)
    • AutoLap for advanced interval lapping (Distance or Position)
    • Mapping on supported devices
    • 42 Data options on 4 screens

SwimSport+ Features:

  • 4 activity support (Open Water, Lap Pool, Stationary swimming and AquaSports )
  • 3 LARGE screens, rest summary screen
  • Transitions for total workout information (CIQ 2.0)
  • IQ Graphs and Data
  • Sensor Support (Optical HR* and ANT HR post download)
    • Optical HR will use ‘Other’ Activity Type.
  • AutoLap for advanced interval lapping (Distance or Position)
  • Mapping on supported devices

New fbbbrown apps for summer 2019

It time to announce the newest apps for f-3b.

RunSafe+, BikeSafe+, Swim+ and Transitions Apps.

RunSafe+ features

Unconscious/Accident detection. send a SMS txt message and one email to alert of a problem all watches/edge requires cell phone

Lap by position (two auto lap points) all watches/edge

CIQ 3.0 HRV/heart monitor/recovery watches/edge with no loss of hr/advanced run features.

Better race Lapping features bestlap, Delta +/- lap time

CIQ 2.0+ Transition mode to next activity or to Transitions App.  transition to any fbbbrown app run cycle, swim, strength, yoga ,etc.

All of dozen run functions

BikeSafe+ features

Accident detection. send a SMS txt message and one email to alert of a problem all watches/edge requires cell phone

Lap by position (one auto lap point) all watches/edge

HRV/heart monitor/recovery CIQ 3.0 watches/edge

Better race Lapping features bestlap, Delta +/- lap time

Estimate power and grade

CIQ 2.0+ Transition mode to next activity or to Transitions App.  transition to any fbbbrown app run cycle, swim, strength, yoga ,etc.

All of dozen Cycle functions

Swim+ features

All watch support

Optical HR mode for swimming 😊

Hopefully better lapping 😊

Auto lap by distance GPS

CIQ 2.0+ Transition mode to next activity or to Transitions App.  transition to any fbbbrown app run cycle, swim, strength, yoga ,etc.

Plus dozen swim

Transitions app (CIQ 2.0+  )

Used for multi-sport activites and provides a way to measure time between activities that never been measured before.

Maintains time in transition

Passes time, distance, steps, calories to next activity for complete workout totals.

Support for Multi-sport. Transitions to next activity .  transition to any fbbbrown app run cycle, swim, strength, yoga ,etc and to other CIQ apps.

Unable to save App Settings

Connect app users are reporting to be unable to save IQ app settings. A dialogue appears (see screenshot).

Please use Garmin Express until a solution or a fix is made by Garmin.

Sports+ is the first for the NO CODE SYSTEM

I’ve been working hard to bring this update to all my apps. This feature will reduce setup, and remove code/email system.


The new system is secure*, backwards compatible, self-learning, and forward compatible.

Existing users will get an app update, enter their code one last time, the app will validate the email/code and that’s it. Do this for each app or once with the all apps code. After validated, no code is necessary, just enter your validated PayPal email.

New users will still get a code but will not need to enter the code, just enter your PayPal email. System will validate and enter the unlock code automatic.

Older Email/Code is still supported for EPIX user and all other devices who received codes.

How to use:

If your watch connected to the INTERNET, enter your PAYPAL email in to the Yellow Circle (shown below).

With Garmin Connect App running on your phone, start the Sports+ app with Garmin Connect APP running on the Phone, at the start screen THE RED BAR will automatically be removed if your purchase was for Sports+ and using your PAY PAL email.

If the BAR is not removed and receive a CODE listed below, enter PayPal email/code with and it will unlock. No code will be needed again.

The Splash Screen will have new Error Codes

No Internet Access – Phone is not connected to the Internet

-1 watch has not connected to internet

-2 code expired. See Terms and Conditions. (link Below)

-3 your code is not authorized for this app. Enter code in settings or purchase app.

-4 Email not found at fbbbrown, Enter code in settings.

-9 other

404 Connected to Phone, and Phone has not internet access.

When registered the FB3 Web Verified Check Box will be true (checked) (Red Circle). Uncheck to reregister or expired.

Expiration Date (blue Circle)

-Existing users Duration of Use** will be 4 years from original purchase date, after Duration of Use** will be yearly recurring.

-New Users after May 1, 2019, Prices will be yearly recurring (Subscription): Individual App (99 cents) or ALL APPs Price (4.50 USD) (0.25 x Number APPs).

How to use EPIX:

EPIX: Same as before. enter your PAYPAL email and CODE (Green Circle) with Connect App running on your phone or Garmin Express.

*Fbbbrown Privacy Policy


**Fbbbrown Terms and Conditions



Brian Brown