SwimSports+ Update

SwimSports v1.7 is an update at addresses touchscreen issues when swimming.

TouchScreen watch update, Unlock app from watch, Unlock status at watch, Removes use of Code, stroke rate and second/stroke functional in Open Swim, corrects Rest Timer, and SDK 3.1.9-2020-07-15-03f067c49

– new main menu option for touch screen users Enable/disable screen, 

– new control menu option for touch screen users lap/rest option, 

v1.6 Correction to the prior internal temperature update. The data is unreliable (null) and requires additional checking before using internal temp data.

RunSafe+ Updates

RunSafe+ Updates

v2.25 corrections to Running VO2 estimate, adds expanded unlock information at watch.

v2.24.2 No Source change, corrects transition to SwimSports Manifest ID Typo

v2.24.1 minor update to 2.24 corrects text

v2.24 CIQ 3.0+

-adds App unlock from watch/device, better unlock information at watch.

-removes code 

-adds Speed Walking support 

-For walking profiles, Rockport 1-Mile Fitness Walking Test Calculator provides estimate walking VO2 updates at each mile. saves to Graph

-For Running profiles, adds Running VO2 Estimate, updates and calculates every 0.5 miles. saves to Gra

ElliptiCycle Update

ElliptiCycle Update v2.0 & 2.0.1

  • adds new devices,
  • screen updates for all models,
  • adds menus to start screen:
    • Lap type,
    • unlock app
  • adds watch menus: lap, lock, theme light/dark and screen scroll,
  • resume fix,
  • unlock from start screen,
  • removed code usage (email only unlock ),
  • added Lap manual and Lap auto by Distance
  • SDK 3.1.9-2020-07-15-03f067c49

Dozen DataField Updates

Dozen Datafield Updates –

Dozen Run v6.11.1 no source changes, adds new models, SDK 3.1.9-2020-07-15-03f067c49

DozenCycle v5.18.1 no source changes, adds new devices and SDK 3.1.9-2020-07-15-03f067c49

DozenSwim v4.9.1 No source changes, adds new devices, and SDK 3.1.9-2020-07-15-03f067c49

DozenWalk v1.10.1 adds new models, French corrections and SDK 3.1.9-2020-07-15-03f067c49/

DozenPaddle v4.6.1 no source changes, adds new models and SDK 3.1.9-2020-07-15-03f067c49