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Install Email and Code
Garmin Express
Connect Phone App
Configure Settings
Windows Phone


Install Email and Code Connect Phone App (iPhone)


Have watch paired with phone and watch/phone Bluetooth ON
1.) Click your watch(Top Middle)
2.) Click Connect IQ Apps

3.) Select Applications
4.) Choose the app, for example:  Elliptical, StairMaster or Sports.
5.) Select Settings

6.)Scroll down to Activation Code and Email.  Enter your code and email EXACTLY as received.  Be sure not to Typo or add spaces before or after.
Scroll down to bottom an Click SAVE.

Use the email that was used to purchase in paypal!  

After Save, Use back arrows to return to main screen.

Install Email and Code in Garmin Express
Connect Watch to PC using Garmin USB Cable
Open Garmin Express, Click your ‘Watch’ and then click ‘Manage Apps’
Scroll down until the appliaction you want to enter code and email
Click the setting button (three dots)

Enter your Email and Code and click save.  (Be sure to enter your code exactly and email not to include spaces and typos)

Howto Elliptical
1.) Watch must be worn on your wrist!
2.) Watch hand MUST be on the MOVING Elliptical Arm.
— i.e. your hand and watch must move with the elliptical or the app will not work.
3.) Hold the elliptical arm with your watch hand ‘loosely’. This allows your watch to have more sudden movement. For example, when you pull the elliptical arm, allow your watch hand to pull away from the handle (1/2 inch or 1 cm) and when you push the elliptical arm, your hand will quickly push against the elliptical handle. This sudden movement is needed for the watch to interpret a revolution.

Elliptical Configuration
Stride Length setting allows adjustment to match your elliptical distance and RPM.
Code and Email  with purchase the your code and email will unlock the Application
Using Bike Cadence Sensor, this setting corrects RPM for the use of a Bike Cadence sensor.

Displays Speed and graphs in Steps/Minute. Defualt is MPH or Km/H

Second Screen Top, bottom Fields (any of the following can be used)
Third Screen Top, Bottom Field (any of the following can be used)

4.) Adjust distance and speed.
–Configure in watch, use menu button, while in activity. (VAHR long press screen)
–Configure in connect app or Garmin express
***Every elliptical brand/model reports distance differently, so configuration is necessary. The default will provide distance and speed for other brands but values will differ. The easiest way to adjust is to A.) workout for 5 minutes, B.) the adjust Stride Length value until the watch distance matches.
5.) enable backlight use menu button
6.) Chest HRM (RUN, RUN2 red or blue), or Running Dynamics Pod will give improved results. (using together not recommended)
7.) Bike Cadence Sensor with HRM best result


Howto StairMaster+
1.) Watch must be worn on your wrist!
2.) If you don’t have a Chest HRM, Footpod or Running Dynamics Pod, your Watch hand MUST be MOVING on indoor equipment.
— i.e. your hand and watch must move or the app will NOT work.
4.) Adjust Steps/Floors with phone Connect App to match indoor equipment typical value is 17 steps (8inch/22cm per step) .
–Configure in watch, use menu button, while in activity.
–Configure in connect app or Garmin express
5.) Chest HRM (RUN, red or blue) gives excellent results.
6.) Foot Strike Sensor is not recommend. Steps are the wrong motion for the Foot Strike Sensor.

Howto Sports+
1.) Watch must be worn on your wrist!
2.) If you don’t have a Chest HRM, Footpod or Running Dynamics Pod, your Watch hand MUST be MOVING.
4.) Chest HRM (run, red or blue) will give improved results.
5.) Foot Strike Sensor with HRM improves results, too.
6.) To enter score menu use the “LAP” button,
-Lap press 1, Edit Team A. Use Up/Down to edit*
-Lap press 2, Edit Team B. Use Up/Down to edit*
-(Tennis only) after game win, Set point will increase, and after set win Game will increase and auto-resets for NEW set/game.
-(Tennis only) to edit match points, use down arrow to set = 0-0, then continue to reduce set point.
-Lap press 3, Return to Data Screen.
*touchscreen swipe up/down or tap upper half or lower half.

7.) Quick edit game at Splash screen edit game, hold menu button or touch menu button (touchscreens), Select new game and Go!

Troubleshoot /Problem solve

LOST CODE:  Contact OR for a new code.   SAVE YOUR CODE!  All updates require the code to be reentered.  Its a Garmin policy to delete the SETTINGS file during updates.

“!” Issue: If you receive a “!”, completely uninstall and reinstall. The Setting file changed and the automated Garmin install is not replacing the setting file.

Download Issue: if you have the “app requires an update before install“, hard reboot your watch TWICE and try again.  Restart the programming app either: Connect App or Garmin Express.

Missing App or Data Field Issue: If you update/install and you don’t see the data field. Update or the install may require a restart of watch.

Windows Phone Issues
Problem: Not downloading the entire activity,  there is an issue with Windows Phone Connect App timing out during long Bluetooth transfers of activities causing the activity not to show up in web connect or Connect web.
Solution: use Garmin Express or another phone or tablet with connect app.

Problem: Cannot enter email address or code into settings.
Solution: Use Garmin Express or another phone or tablet with connect app.