Dance+ Update

Dance v2.5

-Adds Pause menu

-Corrects total steps value when workout crosses midnight.

-Corrects All ERA bugs

-Adds All new models (Instinct 2 family)

-Adds %Oxygen Saturation Graph( CIQ 3.2)

-Adds Respiration Rate data, and Graph (CIQ 3.3)


Brian Brown

BikeSafe Update

BikeSafe v2.3

  • Adds Pause Menu to CIQ 2.0+
  • Adds SaO2 and Respiration Rate screen datafield and Connect Graph (Supporting models CIQ 3.2 and 3.3)
  • Adds Instinct 2 Family
  • Adds all New Devices
  • Corrects 6 ERA issues
  • Screen Corrections
  • Using SDK Connect IQ Mac 4.1.2-2022-04-07-15e8df3ed


Brian Brown