Strength Training Update

Strength Training v4.14

  • Adds option to enable %Sa02 (default is off)
  • Adds Start Screen information (CIQ 3.0+ devices)
    • HRV (if shown HRV calculations are enabled)
    • rrHR (if shown rr interval-based Heart Rate is enabled)
    • SaO2 (if shown SaO2 Sensor and Graphs are enabled)
    • >Tran> (if shown Transition to next app is enabled)
  • 2 ERA corrections (Stability Update)
  • Adds All new models
  • Using Connect IQ SDK Mac 4.1.5-2022-08-03-6e17bf167


Brian Brown

MotorSports+ Update

MotorSports+ 4.0

–Adds Sa02 Datafield and Graph (CIQ3.2+)

–Adds Respiration Rate Datafield and Graph requires External HRM (CIQ3.3+)-

–Adds Color Fill option for data fields for better readability (Configuration Option)

–Adds current speed indication ^/V compared to average speed (CIQ3+)

–Screen Display Updates

–Direct Support for both internal device Temperature and External ANT+ Tempe Sensor.

–ERA corrections (Stability update)

–Better Sensor handling after session, (helps Battery life!)

–Adds all New Models

–Connect IQ SDK Mac-4.1.5-2022-08-03-6e17bf167


Brian Brown