Merry Christmas 2018

Got a Garmin for Christmas 🎅🎁and now you found the best apps to make your Garmin GREAT!I offer 36 different Applications, Data-fields, widget and watch-face, too. All of my Garmin Applications are highly ranked (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) and have high download number due to:
1.) they are reliable,
2.) accurate,
3.) my commitment to making my apps the best,
4.) for being helpful and
5.) keeping the costs very low.

If you have a question, check out my help page. If you cannot find your answer, there contact me and I will be able to help you. I answer 100% of my emails.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Brian 🙂

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Android Garmin Connect Problem?

Android Connect Users: After saving an IQ application, the setting button disappears! This is a new bug with the Android Connect App. I suggest to leaving a post so this gets addressed quickly. The Connect developers are usually quite responsive.

Here is the forum post listing this new bug.


At the moment the workaround is to use Garmin Express, Express is my go to utility that never has problems.

How to correct the ‘!’

Typically my apps are bug free and normally the issue is a Connect App install issue.

What is causing the error there is a corrupt settings file causing the Crash.

Another thing I have encountered, if you remove your watch from a PC without ejecting or unmounting the USB device (watch) first can cause this error.


First, uninstall the app is crashing, restart the watch and reinstall the app.This typically corrects the incomplete installation error.

If you have tried my first option, try the second and third.

Second, Try the first step using Garmin Express for installing apps, this is the most reliable installation method. Usually Garmin Express successfully overwrites the settings file.

Third, Connect watch to the pc. Navigate to the x:/garmin/apps. Note: the file name of the most recent dated xxxx.PRN file. Writedown the name and then delete the file. This will be the crashing app since it was just installed in the previous step.

Then goto the ‘x:/garmin/apps/setting/data’ and ‘x:/garmin/apps/setting’ and delete and files that has the same name. The xxxx.SET file is the file causing the error.

Finally, if the error stills occurs there could be a bug and I may ask for a log file and to run special debug code to help find the hidden bug.

The log file can found at x:\garmin\apps\log. “x” will be the assigned Microsoft Windows drive letter.

Amazing Elliptical App Accuracy

Today’s elliptical activity was 99.995% accurate. The Elliptical App verses the elliptical machine (total step count 2126 vs. 2139).No other app can achieve this!

Check out my elliptical activity on Garmin Connect. #beatyesterday

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Fbbbrown App Updates and SDK 3.0.1

The next few weeks, I will be updating all FB3 Apps and data fields to SDK 3.0.1.  This is to provide Highest level of Software quality and new updates to my users!

New updates during these updates:

-Include All EDGE Devices, so Cyclist can experience the full features of the Garmin activies using FB3 Apps.

-Stability updates for Epix and  Fenix 3 HR Owners, thanks to Garmin who is committed to bringing there users the best hardware, has provided FB3 loaner watches to ensure software quality before App Store release!

-Map functions to the map featured watches.

Please save your code before updating and reenter your code after the update!

HeartMonitor Datafield and Application released

Heart Monitor Datafield  &    HeartMonitor + HRV App


These Apps may detect possible types of irregular beats, irregular heart rhythms, palpitation (missed or double beat) or premature ventricular contractions (PVC) during your activity and provide HRV during an activity or during a monitoring session.

These APPs are for enjoyment purposes only


View a Sessions from Connect
Monitor+ HRV
Run with Monitor DataField

This Heart Monitoring simulates the latest that Apple is doing in there iWatch.
The FREE datafield will provide live monitoring of the R-R heart rate (rrhr) and a count of any abnormal detections of beats (xHr).

The FULL version ($0.99) datafield provides live monitoring of the R-R heart rate (rrhr) and a count of any abnormal detections of beats (xHr) plus the following additional graphs and data:

IQ Graphs*:
R-R HeartRate– this is the live heart rate in beats per minute of the R-R waveform (this value fluctuates)
R-R interval time– This is the time between the R-R pulse of the heart beat (in milliseconds)Raw Heart Rate – this is the unfiltered heart rate provided by the Heart Rate Monitor (chest HRM)
HRV – Live HRV data during your activity.
Location of Abnormality – this provide a marker to see the location of the detected irregular Heart Rate. + value double beats detected, – value skipped beat detected.
rMSSD (application only) Root mean square of the successive differences
*Best viewed at site.

Expanded View of R-R Heart Rate, R-R Interval and Location of Abnormality.

IQ Data:
aHRV-Average HRV of the activity
Double Beats – Number of Double Beats detected
Skipped Beats – Number of Skipped Beats detected

1.) How to install datafield
Add to a Garmin Base App (Run, Bike, Swim, etc.)
Goto the Menu, from the watch, long press the Up button or the long touch the screen.a
Goto Settings, Activities & Apps, APP, App Settings, Data Screens, add to a screen and Field
Select Field and ConnectIQFields, Select HeartMonitor.

2.)Disable your Chest HRM
Goto the Menu, from the watch, long press the Up button or the long touch the screen.
Goto Settings, Sensors & Accessories, find the chest HRM (HR-XXXXXX), Set STATUS to OFF.
Save serial number for the HRM. HR-XXXXXX. XXXXXX is the serial number.

3.) To prevent detecting other Chest HRMs, Set the Device to the serial number of the HRM (XXXXXX) or leave at ‘0’ = ALL (If 0, HeartMonitor selects the first found HRM)
In the DataField Configuration, in either connect or express this is set.

Connect: click the watch icon (upper right), click ‘Activities & App Management’, data fields, Select HeartMonitor, then settings. Enter HRM Device Serial Number

Express: Click IQ Apps, find Heart Monitor. Click the three dots by the ‘Heart Monitor’ Name. Enter HRM Device Serial Number

4.) This Datafield –REQUIRES– a Chest HRM and is best to use, in conjunction, with a Optical HR watch. This is due to the Chest HRM will be dedicated to this Datafield.

5.) To unlock full version
Connect: click the watch icon (upper right), click ‘Activities & App Management’, data fields, Select HeartMonitor, then settings. Enter Code and eMail.
Express: Click IQ Apps, find Heart Monitor. Click the three dots by the Name