Sports+ update

Sport+ was updated to v2.25.

-adds new device support
-adds Language support: Portuguese
-ERA bug fixes 2 minor bugs that could cause “!”
-updates to improve performance
— memory space reduced all models
— several improvement to reduce system calls that will improved performance and battery drain.
-Resume timer correction
-corrections to status view. Reintroduced the status view for Fenix3/F3hr.
-Using SDK 3.1.6.jan22


-Brian B.

SwimSports+ released!

  • Activity support (Open Water*, Lap Pool*, Stationary swimming)
  • **GPS is 4x more active for improved open water.
  • In-place swimming support!
  • Other swimming support (kick-board ,Water Cardio and HotTub\Spa)
  • 4 LARGE screens and easy read Rest Mode screen.
  • IQ Graphs and Data: SWOLF, Stroke Rate, Swim+ Distance, Average distance/stroke,Seconds/stroke, heart rate, Total Strokes, battery used
  • Sensor Support (Optical HR*
  • Optical HR will use ‘Other’ Activity Type.
  • AutoLap (pool lap, Distance or Position)
  • Pool lap detection uses 5 metrics to compute lap pool distance***. Counts laps and distance
  • No pool size restriction
  • Transitions for total workout information (CIQ 2.0)

*Generic Activities available to bypass optical HR restrictions.

**GPS signal is blocked while GPS receiver is submersed in water. Results may provide improved results due to increased sampling.

***Due to Garmin policy, Non-GPS distance values cannot be written to the main distance fields in Garmin Connect. SwimSport+ writes the NonGPS Distance Data in CIQ data section.

-Brian B.


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-Brian B.
2019 Garmin Connect IQ “Developer of the Year”

SwimSports is coming soon

  • activity support (Open Water, Lap Pool, Stationary swimming, Water Cardio and HotTub Spa )
  • 3 LARGE screens, rest summary screen
  • Transitions for total workout information (CIQ 2.0)
  • IQ Graphs and Data
  • Sensor Support (Optical HR* and ANT HR post download)
    • Optical HR will use ‘Other’ Activity Type.
  • AutoLap for advanced interval lapping (Distance or Position)
  • Maps on supported devices

Apple iPhone / Garmin Connect Users

iOS update 13.1.3 is causing activity sync issues within Garmin Connect Mobile App.

Solution: I suggest using Garmin Express until there is an update released from Garmin.

Garmin is aware of this issue (

Update Nov 5:

iOS v13.2 appears to be allowing Sync. I disconnected the Garmin watch in the Apple iPhone Setting>Bluetooth menu, then re-paired the watch using Garmin Connect.

Fēnix 3 Family owners

Many users have been reporting a restart issue with the F3 family (F3, F3HR, D2 Bravo) while in an activity. Cause: Watch memory is full and the current activity is causing the watch to restart. Solution: 1.) Keep the activity history cleared. First Sync the watch. Then from the watch, Long press the up-button at the Main Menu> History> Options> Delete All Activities. Do this Weekly/Monthly. 2.) Keep one CIQ app slot free to allow more memory for the activity FIT data. This will keep your F3/F3hr running smoothly.