Dance updates

The Dance update brings 2 custom titles to add your favorite classes, also adjust the class number at the watch when setting the activity. A Class number of 0 leaves the Number blank, greater than 0 the class number is shown after the name.


  • corrects a possible "!" on the activity status page,
  • Using the latest SDK 3.1.7-2020-MARCH-11-75a7a1e07.


  • adds new devices,
  • adds custom dance title (CIQ2+ adds 2 Custom Titles),
  • Custom Titles supports Class Number (0=no class number),
  • Adds menu for (theme, lock screen and autoscroll),
  • includes resume fix,
  • includes :has fix,
  • includes unlock fix,
  • corrects icons,
  • Latest SDK 3.1.7-2020-MARCH-04-693f57f66

Enjoy and Dance 🙂

-Brian B.


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