F3b Esports+ VR release!

Esports+ VR is a Premium application for Garmin CIQ watches and Edge Bike Computers.

Our watches needed support for Esports and VR gaming, the Esports+ application provides real time data and posts data to Garmin Connect Web and App.

Esports+ Custom graphs: Momentary Energy Expenditure, SaO2, and Breath Rate

Esports+ Custom data: Game Distance, Steps During Activity, average Steps per minute

Esports+ Gamer Efficiency (GE) which is a Metric to show physical improvements.

Displayed Data

-Calories, Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate, Elapsed Timer, Time of Day, SaO2 Breath Rate Momentary Energy Expenditure, and Training Effect

-Heart Rate is completely configurable and color coded.

-Configure Heart rate zones in Garmin Connect or Garmin Express using the generic zones

-Battery (Green Horizontal Line )meter uses the entire screen for reliability and acts as a divide to help focus one the upper fields.

-Battery color range: RED less than 15%, Orange 16%-35%, Green greater than 36%

-Fields are auto-adjust for all data ranges for maximum readability throughout your entire activity.

-inActivity configuration adjustment. Use phone Connect app to change during activity or at watch menus

–(Long press up button or long touch the screen)

-BlueTooth Connectivity as a simple letter "BLE".

Esports Download to your Garmin CIQ Watch -> (https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/4e86574b-1941-4bb0-92be-916417a40a1c)

Esports Help page – > (https://www.fbbbrown.com/garmin-connect-iq/help-faq/app-help/esports)


Brian Brown

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