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FLIGHT APP at Garmin

This app was built around the original Flight Fields data field.

This multi page application provides live course navigation, distance remaining and ETE to a way-point and to the return position were the flight began. The way-points are programmable from Garmin Express or Connect phone app. The Destination (Long/Lat) Way-points entered through Connect App or Garmin Express. Way-points can be changed with phone during flight. Supports two way points. if a navigation way point is used, the way-point will automatic switch to the second way-point. The navigation uses a 1 Km radius of the navigation waypoint to switch to the final destination.

How to use:

From the custom user configuration menu in Garmin Express or Garmin Connect, enter your destination Longitude and Latitude way-points in decimal degrees. The ETE and Distance Remaining are determined by the way point position and your current position. The heading bug is the course of your destination.

App Setting/Custom User configuration HOWTO https://forums.garmin.com/showthread.php?332843-How-to-App-Settings

Four Screens

Main Screen, most used screen with both the Waypoint (red) and Return (blue) heading bug (Two Fields are Configurable)

Second Page; Defaulted to Ground Speed, Altitude and Vertical Speed / Minute. (All Fields are Configurable)
Third Page: Defaulted to Return ETE and Return Distance Remaining with Blue Navigation bug
Fourth Page: Defaulted to Waypoint ETE and Waypoint Distance Remaining with Red Navigation bug

Custom Fields:
-Max Speed (Metric or Statute)
-Speed (Metric or Statute)
-Elapse Timer
-Vertical Speed / Minute
-Vertical Speed / Second
-Return ETE
-Return Distance Remaining
-Waypoint ETE
-Waypoint Distance Remaining
-Average Speed (Metric or Statute)
-Altitude (Metric or Statute) (Barometer Based SDK limitation should be GPS based)
-Distance (Metric or Statute)
-Distance Remaining (Metric or Statute)
-Heart Rate (color coded on 2nd, 3rd and 4th screen)
-Average Heart Rate (color coded on 2nd, 3rd and 4th screen)
-Max Heart Rate
-Energy Expenditure
-% Battery used
-Elapsed Timer
-Estimated Time Enroute ETE
-GPS Strength (as 5 Dots)
-Fast read battery meter
-Bluetooth Connectivity
-Time of Day 12hr or 24hr

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