Outdoor Sports+

Outdoor Sports+ provides direct support for: Hiking, Snow Shoeing, Hunting, Fishing, Cross Country Skiing, Alpine Skiing and Mountaineering.  This application provides real time data, return navigation, Weight adjusted calorie calculations and posts data to Garmin Connect Web and App. The calorie formula is from the Journal of Sports Sciences and provides gender specific values. The calorie data is based from both current heart rate and average heart rate, and the data is posted to Connect as an IQ Data.

How to use:
The Return ETE and Distance Remaining are determined by the starting position and your current position. The heading bug is the course of your starting location.

Set Gear weight in kilograms.

Three Screens
Main Screen, most used screen (Two Fields are Configurable)

Second Page; Heartrate, Adjusted Weight Calories and temperature (All Fields are Configurable)

Third Page: Return ETE and Return Distance Remaining with Red Navigation bug (All Fields are Configurable)

User Configuration

Custom Fields:
-Max Speed (Metric or Statute)
-Speed (Metric or Statute)
-Elapse Timer (ET)
-Elevation (Metric or Statute) (Barometer Based) (Elev)
-Heading  (hdg)
-Total Ascent (tA)
-Total Descent (tD)
-Vertical Speed / Minute  (VS/M)
-Return Estimated Time Enroute (ETE)
-Return Distance Remaining (Dist Rem (mi or km))
-Average Speed (Metric or Statute)
-Distance (Metric or Statute)
-Heart Rate (color coded on all screens) (hr)
-Average Heart Rate (color coded on 2nd and 3rd) (ahr)
-Max Heart Rate (mhr)
-Garmin Calories  (cal)
-Instantaneous Calorie Sum (Current hr based) and Weight adjusted (aCali)
-Adjusted Calories (average hr)based and Weight adjusted (aCalav)
-Energy Expenditure (cal/hr)
-Temperature (F or C)
-% Battery used  (%bat)
-GPS Strength (as 5 Dots)
-Fast read battery meter
-Bluetooth Connectivity  (B)
-Time of Day 12hr or 24hr

v1.1 add 3 spaces for TOD
v1.0.4 lap time of day null
v1.0.3 corrections to 1.0.2 Lap position and time of day
v1.0.2 added 0.1 accuracy to temperature, added custom lap information (GPS location and time of day), screen corrections on 240×240 round screens
v1.0.1: no code changes, Descent Mk1 was not using the correct layout file.

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Sports+

  1. After a recent Garmin update to my Vivoactive 3, I was unable to use my Outdoor Sports app, which was purchased on 10/1/2018. The Garmin IQ apps setup connection showed that the activation code had disappeared. Another FBBB app I purchased on 9/27/2018 continues to work ok. These dates are from my Paypal receipts.

    • Most user do not need a Code anymore.
      How to Unlock With the new unlock system,
      1. In a Garmin Utility program (Garmin Connect Mobile App, Garmin Connect IQ Store Mobile App, or Garmin Express software) only enter your email*, uncheck the Verify/Validate button, then Save.   Be sure not to include any spaces before or after.  
      2. With Garmin Connect** Mobile App open and with access to the internet, start the Watch app.   **Must use Garmin Connect Mobile App for internet unlock.
      3. Wait at the fbbbrown app start screen until the Red Bar disappears.  (3-10 seconds)
      *NOTE: All Epix users and only my HeartMonitor (datafield) still use the code/email.  
      If you are having a problem. 
      1. Give your watch a restart and check if the email/code are entered correctly. Sometimes the email/code do not save the first time after a new install or update.   
      2. If you still have an issue, There is an option in settings to ‘Default Application’.  Set to on, save and start the App.  Then enter your email again.
      3. I have been getting feedback that users are needing to uninstall, restart the watch, reinstall the app due to the app may not being fully installed by the Garmin Connect Phone App..

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