Dance updates

The Dance update brings 2 custom titles to add your favorite classes, also adjust the class number at the watch when setting the activity. A Class number of 0 leaves the Number blank, greater than 0 the class number is shown after the name.


  • corrects a possible "!" on the activity status page,
  • Using the latest SDK 3.1.7-2020-MARCH-11-75a7a1e07.


  • adds new devices,
  • adds custom dance title (CIQ2+ adds 2 Custom Titles),
  • Custom Titles supports Class Number (0=no class number),
  • Adds menu for (theme, lock screen and autoscroll),
  • includes resume fix,
  • includes :has fix,
  • includes unlock fix,
  • corrects icons,
  • Latest SDK 3.1.7-2020-MARCH-04-693f57f66

Enjoy and Dance 🙂

-Brian B.


Strength+ update

Update v3.11

  • Adds new devices.
  • Removes a copyright name
  • Adds Custom Name support for popular online strength classes.
  • The custom name works the same as before, but just enter the class name in settings. (Shown below)
  • The class number is set at the watch.

Using current SDK 3.1.7.-2020-03-04-693f57f66Just enter your class name as below.

Non-GPS Distance is Zero

I have been getting a lot of questions pertaining to the zero distance in the main bubble and activity sticker in Connect Mobile App saved activity.

The Distance is zero (or incorrect) on the Connect Activity Sticker and on the Activity main bubble, due to Garmin Policy does not allow CIQ applications to write NON-GPS values. However, these policies only applies to CIQ applications not the native Garmin apps.

I cannot change the decisions of the Garmin Executives, however if there is enough complaints they may change there policy.

I encourage you to politely complain to “Garmin” (in the Garmin threads below) to follow and use the IQ SDK Fit Contributor class ‘nativeNum’, which overrides the data in the FIT file as the Garmin Built-in apps do.

I want this functionality as a Garmin User as much as you do.

Add the “@AlphaMonkeyC” to the post.

Garmin blocks the distance in the following applications: Elliptical, Dance, StairStepper, SwimSports, work, any step based distance or non-GPS distance.

Here is a 30 minute elliptical workout distance is zero in the main field, but the distance is shown in the IQ section.

Until the policy changes, I provide the distance in the IQ Section.


-Brian B.


OutdoorSports+ update 1.20

OutdoorSports Update v1.20

  • adds new devices,
  • adds menu selections for Color, Lock screen and scroll,
  • unlock fix,
  • resume fix,
  • :has fix improves performance & less battery loss
  • adds new data fields
  • time of day,
  • % oxygen saturation CIQ 3.2

Corrects icons Latest SDK


Strength+ 3.10.2

Big update for the most popular Strength training app in the Garmin platform !
v3.10 update includes:

  • new devices support and gpsmap 66/86
  • Watch Icons updated, support all color backgrounds and clearer
  • German Language update (thanks Kai)
  • System update for improved performance and less battery drain.
  • adds menus for Rest Timer, Lock screen, Color Theme, and Auto Scroll for all models. ( while in-activity Long press up button or long touch screen.)
  • corrects HRV+/-Label in Connect
  • Improvements to Rest Timer indications: Rest Time indicated by Red Trim on screen, ready to start Yellow, Start Green,
  • Added rest ending vibe at 10 before next set and 4 seconds before vibe
  • renamed BP to “Strength Class#”,
  • Class number and Rest Timer remembers previous value for quicker change.
  • Support for % Oxygen Saturation requires CIQ 3.2 SDK (SDK release summer 2020)
  • Latest CIQ SDK 3.1.7.Feb5-2020

Footbike Update

v.2.2 add many new features and pulls in the Common code that will bring stability, bug free code.

  • adds new devices,
  • adds in-activity configuration (CIQ 3.0 devices: Lock, Theme and AutoScroll),
  • Include Common Source: Screen Updates for all devices, lap, input delegate,
  • performance updates,
  • Resume fix
  • Unlock app update
  • memory used reduced, and
  • Latest SDK 3.1.7.Feb52020