Nomination for IQ Developer of the Year

I have been nominated for Developer of the Year.
Support your app and fbbbrown by giving ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews.

-Brian B.


Adding Heart Monitor and HRV function to most apps

Great News!
All Fbbbrown app will be updated to include the Heart Monitor function.
This includes: elliptical, Stairmaster, strength, Row, SUP Kayak, Inline skate, yoga, outdoorsports, plyometrics, boxing, Dance and Run+. The functionality will be included with all IQ 2.0 watches. VAHR, VA3, All F5, FR935, FR645 and will require an ANT+ HRM.

-Brian B.


BUG: “Settings Menu is missing in Connect”

Thanks to Ulrik the Android Connect missing setting menu has a workaround.

I’ve encountered the “Settings Menu is missing in Connect” bug multiple times. It seems to be related to having favorited your apps. All the apps that’s listed under favorites is missing this settings menu.

Having discovered this I’ve also found a better workaround than uninstalling the app (and thus losing all the settings), only tested on phone:
* Unfavorite the app
* Kill the Garmin Connect app on the phone
* Start the Garmin Connect app again and the settings menu should be present
* The app can the be configured once again. After configuration the app can be favorited again, but this will most likely cause the settings menu to disappear upon app (Garmin Connect) restart, which will the require using the workaround again.

Bug Posted in Garmin Forums

Get Ready! #newyearnewyou

2019 will be here. Make the New Year, the New You a reality. You just received a Awesome Garmin Wearable, now turn that watch into a complete tool. Using fbbbrown apps will help you get the results by giving data to help you move forward to the new you.

Tips to a better you:
1.) Make an achievable plan (i.e. workout 30 minutes a day) verses 30 lbs in thirty days. Get Healthy first by making small healthy choices and the rest will happen. Focus on today, do not look at tomorrow.
2.) Make time. Do not worry about 30 minutes working out, Make yourself happy and everyone else will be too.
3.) More workouts or harder workouts are not better, Quality workouts are better. Completed workouts are best. To be consistent, have a plan that is achievable and workouts that will allow you to be consistently able to do you your plan.
4.) Use the correct tools, your Garmin watch is an amazing tool, paired with fbbbrown apps it is the ultimate workout aide.
5.) Do not think about the workout, Execute. Go do it! Lace up your shoes and get it done 🙂
6.) Be Consistent is the key to success.

I lost 102 pound by these rules, they will help you too.

-Brian B.


CW9002 PWS updated

CW9002 Personal Weather Station gets a major update. A Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 6152 with UV and Solar. The backend server gets an update too!

CW9002 has been serving the Greensburg Community since 2007.

The data can be viewed on site and on many other sites.

Mounted with a 10’ mast.

ISS with UV and Solar sensors.

Garmin IQ Tip: Just updated the firmware?

Garmin IQ Tip:

Just updated the firmware?

Give your watch 2 restarts after firmware update, yes two! Also restart the application that installed the firmware update, too.

Why restart? A firmware update usually contains many different updates (gps, bluetooth, ANT+, Wifi, and all the other sensor hardware, too. To complete these updates usually takes more than one restart to enable the individual updates.

Also prevents the IQ install error, “This app requires an update of your fēnix 5S. Please use Garmin Express to update your watch”

So, Update and Restart!

-Brian B.


Merry Christmas 2018

Got a Garmin for Christmas 🎅🎁and now you found the best apps to make your Garmin GREAT!I offer 36 different Applications, Data-fields, widget and watch-face, too. All of my Garmin Applications are highly ranked (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) and have high download number due to:
1.) they are reliable,
2.) accurate,
3.) my commitment to making my apps the best,
4.) for being helpful and
5.) keeping the costs very low.

If you have a question, check out my help page. If you cannot find your answer, there contact me and I will be able to help you. I answer 100% of my emails.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Brian 🙂

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Android Garmin Connect Problem?

Android Connect Users: After saving an IQ application, the setting button disappears! This is a new bug with the Android Connect App. I suggest to leaving a post so this gets addressed quickly. The Connect developers are usually quite responsive.

Here is the forum post listing this new bug.


At the moment the workaround is to use Garmin Express, Express is my go to utility that never has problems.