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ACTIVE ISSUE since Friday August 23 2019

NOTICE: Currently there is an error in Garmin Connect Mobile (GCM) that will not allow you save your email address to unlock your application. The CIQ APP saving function is saving a text file to the watch, when it should be saving a special file that the apps can read.  This is affecting all CIQ apps including mine.Please, use the following instructions to unlock your application.

UPDATE AUG 29: Garmin Released Connect Mobile App (4.22.11) the problem was not addressed.

UPDATE AUG 27: Garmin has responded and is currently working this issue. Below is a solution until Garmin posts the update.

Please use these instructions, they are slightly different and require two (2) Garmin applications GCM and Garmin Connect IQ Store (GCIQS) applications.

Connect IQ App Store Download the Garmin Connect IQ Store App. iPhone Android

Updated Unlock Instructions:

So, with that information how to resolve your issue is.

  1. First we need to remove the bad settings file by Uninstalling the apps that you cannot unlock, restart the watch and then reinstall using Garmin Connect IQ store app.
    1. The restart will remove the bad settings file.
  2. Have the program Garmin Connect Mobile App (GCM) open and with access to the internet. Open the background of your phone.
  3. Have the fbbbrown app at the “Start Screen” with the ‘b’ (the ‘b’ indicates the watch is connected to the phone GCM), then
  4. Then Using Garmin Connect IQ Store (GCIQS) App to enter your email*, uncheck(OFF) the Verify/Validate button, then Save.
  5. Wait at the fbbbrown app start screen until the Red Bar disappears. (3-10 seconds)
    *NOTE: All Epix users and only my HeartMonitor (datafield) still use the code/email.

If you are having a problem.
-Give your watch a restart and check if the email/code are entered correctly. Sometimes the email/code do not save the first time after a new install or update.
-If you still have an issue, there is an option in settings to ‘Default Application’. Set to ON, save and start the App. Then enter your email again.

Video How-To

8 thoughts on “Email Saving Issue

  1. thank you for the good instructions on bypassing the bug. Steps worked well for forerunner 735xt. However, when app is active on watch, the only data that is compiling is the current and average HR… no hrv. Can I use the 735XT’s built in sensor? Or do I need to sync a peripheral ant+ hr strap? Sorry if I missed this note.


    • Jessie,
      For the Heart Monitor (App and DataField), CIQ 2.x and CIQ 1.x watches requires the ANT+ HRM sensor.
      For other apps Elliptical, Strength, etc, only CIQ 3.0+ watches will provide HRV.


  2. Hi, I cannot get my email and code to save. I have followed your steps here. I have the forerunner 935. Uninstalled the app. Turned watch off and back on. Reinstalled the app. Entered my PayPal email address and verification code in the respective fields. Turned the verify slider to the right, as well as the default app slider to the right. The settings page will not save, and the app on my watch will not leave the trial mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Michael,
      First make sure Connect App is up-to-date, there were a few Garmin Bug in September causing the same issue.
      When unlocking only enter your purchase email (no typo 🙂 ), have Garmin Connect Mobile App open on your cell phone with internet access, then start the fbbbrown app the watch to the Start Screen. The Red Bar is removed in a few seconds or an error will appear.
      Watch errors in the Red Bar:
      -1 = No internet to unlock
      -2 = Expired subscription
      -3 = Email not valid for app
      -4 = Email not found

      !date not in red is the Expired Date
      !date in red is the Subscription Expired

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