Get Ready! #newyearnewyou

2019 will be here. Make the New Year, the New You a reality. You just received a Awesome Garmin Wearable, now turn that watch into a complete tool. Using fbbbrown apps will help you get the results by giving data to help you move forward to the new you.

Tips to a better you:
1.) Make an achievable plan (i.e. workout 30 minutes a day) verses 30 lbs in thirty days. Get Healthy first by making small healthy choices and the rest will happen. Focus on today, do not look at tomorrow.
2.) Make time. Do not worry about 30 minutes working out, Make yourself happy and everyone else will be too.
3.) More workouts or harder workouts are not better, Quality workouts are better. Completed workouts are best. To be consistent, have a plan that is achievable and workouts that will allow you to be consistently able to do you your plan.
4.) Use the correct tools, your Garmin watch is an amazing tool, paired with fbbbrown apps it is the ultimate workout aide.
5.) Do not think about the workout, Execute. Go do it! Lace up your shoes and get it done 🙂
6.) Be Consistent is the key to success.

I lost 102 pound by these rules, they will help you too.

-Brian B.


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