Heart Monitor + HRV (full application) update

Heart Monitor + HRV (full application) v2.37 update:

  • Adds new devices,
  • Update to timer setting at the device,
  • Timer is defaulted to current value for faster adjustments.

Adds activity menu settings

  • Press up button or long touchscreen while in activity to set:
  • Lock screen
  • Lock indication at first screen

Color theme (dark/light) Scroll on/off (6 second scroll) Activity type set is now Training->Cardio Icons corrected

  • Clearer
  • Transparent

Adds %Saturation Oxygen support (requires CIQ3.2)

  • Graph of SaO2 (CIQ3.2)
  • SaO2 = -1. (indicates not supported by device)

Code fork SDK 1.0 and SDK 2.0+ Hooks for power spectrum LF, HF and LF:HF ratio.

  • Coming soon 🙂

Using latest SDK 3.1.7-2020-03-11-75a7a1e07

-Brian B.


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