Heart Monitor+HRV Update

Heart Monitor+ HRV v3.0.1 minor corrections v3.0:

  • added rrHR to Start Screen,
  • display floats for HRV+/- and Average HRV at watch and in Connect,
  • Correction to data value History HRV Average to include current session value, and
  • text change for data value History HRV Average

Heart Monitor+ HRV v3.0

  • Added Graph Page with 4 data graphs
    • CIQ 2.0+ Devices only
    • Not enough space in older devices 😞
    • Plot lines 1, 2, 3 are configurable
      • Configurable from settings
      • Blue, Green, Red.
    • Plot line 4 HRV History (Gray line)
      • History from prior sessions (shown above with 5 saved sessions)
  • Selectable plot times
    • 8 plots
    • Configurable from 4 minutes to 8 hours
    • Set from watch or configuration settings
  • HRV History Graph saved to Connect graphs
    • Requires 1 session before recording the history graph.
  • Corrects data fields selection
    • Removed ibi_ fields
    • one set of fields
    • Smart fields use
    • External ANT+ Data first
    • Optical, attached (connected external) sensors will have ‘_i’
  • Corrects the resume timer error Corrects HRV history value
    • CIQ 1.x devices – Simple average
    • CIQ 2+ devices – True average
    • 240 point historical points average
  • Removes Default Application setting in configuration Add new devices,
  • SDK 3.1.8-2020-05-06-249bf944e


-Brian B.

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