Plyometrics+ Update v3.0.1

Whats new in Plyometrics+ v3.0.1

See updated Help Page(

  • Adds Rebounding Activity,
  • Stops counting jumps while in Rest modes.
  • Adds 3 modes Rest, Get Ready and Go
  • Rest mode, shows Red ring and not Jump counting
  • Get Ready Mode, show Yellow ring
  • 10 seconds before Go mode.

GO Mode, shows Green ring. Manage sets with 4 control functions:

  • Manual button press
  • Set by Rest Timer (use button press to finish set
  • At press rest mode starts for the set Rest Time, after rest time, starts Jump time

Sets by Jump Timer/Rest Timer (Timer Interval) Sets by Jump Count/ Rest Timer (Jump Interval) Adds expanded watch menus for CIQ2+ watch types

  • Activity Select
  • Additional Menus CIQ 2.0 devices or newer
  • Set Control menu
  • Manual.
  • Rest Timer only,
  • Jump Timer/Rest Timer,
  • Jump Count/ Rest
  • All Timers and counters adjustable from watch

Transitions – menu Jump Sensor select (Step Based or Cadence Based) Divide /2 correction

  • The following bug fixes
  • Resume Fix,
  • Correction Gear weight function,
  • Pulls in updates to all screens

adds new devices, Using SDK 3.1.8-2020-05-06-249bf944e


-Brian B.


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