How to correct the ‘!’

Typically my apps are bug free and normally the issue is a Connect App install issue.

What is causing the error there is a corrupt settings file causing the Crash.

Another thing I have encountered, if you remove your watch from a PC without ejecting or unmounting the USB device (watch) first can cause this error.


First, uninstall the app is crashing, restart the watch and reinstall the app.This typically corrects the incomplete installation error.

If you have tried my first option, try the second and third.

Second, Try the first step using Garmin Express for installing apps, this is the most reliable installation method. Usually Garmin Express successfully overwrites the settings file.

Third, Connect watch to the pc. Navigate to the x:/garmin/apps. Note: the file name of the most recent dated xxxx.PRN file. Writedown the name and then delete the file. This will be the crashing app since it was just installed in the previous step.

Then goto the ‘x:/garmin/apps/setting/data’ and ‘x:/garmin/apps/setting’ and delete and files that has the same name. The xxxx.SET file is the file causing the error.

Finally, if the error stills occurs there could be a bug and I may ask for a log file and to run special debug code to help find the hidden bug.

The log file can found at x:\garmin\apps\log. “x” will be the assigned Microsoft Windows drive letter.

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