MotorSports v2.17 Update

MotorSports+ v2.17 is a big update for the motor riders and adds the following:

  • Big UI Update (new menus for all)
  • CIQ 3.0 devices adds extensive menus
  • Access at both: start and during activity
  • long press up button and long touch screen
  • Adds clear lap, lock screen, color theme and scroll rotate
  • adds more information on Start screen,
  • Activity select,
  • lap type select,
  • clear second auto lap point,
  • set radius size.
  • More on splash screen information
  • adds new models,
  • Icon fix,
  • Has fix,
  • Resume fix,
  • correction to second lap point,
  • using current SDK 3.1.8.-2020-03-18-a0d2c21e8


-Brian B.


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