Non-GPS Distance is Zero

I have been getting a lot of questions pertaining to the zero distance in the main bubble and activity sticker in Connect Mobile App saved activity.

The Distance is zero (or incorrect) on the Connect Activity Sticker and on the Activity main bubble, due to Garmin Policy does not allow CIQ applications to write NON-GPS values. However, these policies only applies to CIQ applications not the native Garmin apps.

I cannot change the decisions of the Garmin Executives, however if there is enough complaints they may change there policy.

I encourage you to politely complain to “Garmin” (in the Garmin threads below) to follow and use the IQ SDK Fit Contributor class ‘nativeNum’, which overrides the data in the FIT file as the Garmin Built-in apps do.

I want this functionality as a Garmin User as much as you do.

Add the “@AlphaMonkeyC” to the post.

Garmin blocks the distance in the following applications: Elliptical, Dance, StairStepper, SwimSports, work, any step based distance or non-GPS distance.

Here is a 30 minute elliptical workout distance is zero in the main field, but the distance is shown in the IQ section.

Until the policy changes, I provide the distance in the IQ Section.


-Brian B.


5 thoughts on “Non-GPS Distance is Zero

  1. The good news is that the Brian B. Brown Elliptical App works perfectly if you tweak settings to match your steps and any disparity to my Precor ellipitical. It is different depending upon if I have my hands high on the push pull bar vs. lower, but you can monitor distance on the fly and change hand positioning, which is a good thing to avoid other potential repetitive injuries due to keeping hands in same position for too long. Unfortunately Garmin Tech Support believes that this is the developer’s responsibility and the developer Brian B. Brown the developer explains that Garmin refuses to insert his Apps distance into Garmin Connect. So Garmin needs to enable this feature for its App developers, and make sure that its tech support knows who is creating the problem. Otherwise all else with the watch, Connect and my apps are great. I love the Viviactive 3 watch.

  2. Vendor says that the distance is available in external applications, but I don’t see it in Strava. Strava shows the total elapsed time only. It does not show the activity type (just “Morning Activity” not elliptical), and no distance data. The distance data in Connect says .21 km or mi.

  3. I’m confused as to what the unit of my distance is, is it km or miles.
    It would make a huge difference

    • The app uses the system setting for units. Set the unit at the watch Main menu>settings>system>units>

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