Sports+ is the first for the NO CODE SYSTEM

I’ve been working hard to bring this update to all my apps. This feature will reduce setup, and remove code/email system.


The new system is secure*, backwards compatible, self-learning, and forward compatible.

Existing users will get an app update, enter their code one last time, the app will validate the email/code and that’s it. Do this for each app or once with the all apps code. After validated, no code is necessary, just enter your validated PayPal email.

New users will still get a code but will not need to enter the code, just enter your PayPal email. System will validate and enter the unlock code automatic.

Older Email/Code is still supported for EPIX user and all other devices who received codes.

How to use:

If your watch connected to the INTERNET, enter your PAYPAL email in to the Yellow Circle (shown below).

With Garmin Connect App running on your phone, start the Sports+ app with Garmin Connect APP running on the Phone, at the start screen THE RED BAR will automatically be removed if your purchase was for Sports+ and using your PAY PAL email.

If the BAR is not removed and receive a CODE listed below, enter PayPal email/code with and it will unlock. No code will be needed again.

The Splash Screen will have new Error Codes

No Internet Access – Phone is not connected to the Internet

-1 watch has not connected to internet

-2 code expired. See Terms and Conditions. (link Below)

-3 your code is not authorized for this app. Enter code in settings or purchase app.

-4 Email not found at fbbbrown, Enter code in settings.

-9 other

404 Connected to Phone, and Phone has not internet access.

When registered the FB3 Web Verified Check Box will be true (checked) (Red Circle). Uncheck to reregister or expired.

Expiration Date (blue Circle)

-Existing users Duration of Use** will be 4 years from original purchase date, after Duration of Use** will be yearly recurring.

-New Users after May 1, 2019, Prices will be yearly recurring (Subscription): Individual App (99 cents) or ALL APPs Price (4.50 USD) (0.25 x Number APPs).

How to use EPIX:

EPIX: Same as before. enter your PAYPAL email and CODE (Green Circle) with Connect App running on your phone or Garmin Express.

*Fbbbrown Privacy Policy

**Fbbbrown Terms and Conditions


Brian Brown

1 thought on “Sports+ is the first for the NO CODE SYSTEM

  1. For updates just renter your original purchase email. All purchases made before May 1, 2019 have a 4 year subscription.

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