SwimSports+ released!


  • Activity support (Open Water*, Lap Pool*, Stationary swimming)
  • **GPS is 4x more active for improved open water.
  • In-place swimming support!
  • Other swimming support (kick-board ,Water Cardio and HotTub\Spa)
  • 4 LARGE screens and easy read Rest Mode screen.
  • IQ Graphs and Data: SWOLF, Stroke Rate, Swim+ Distance, Average distance/stroke,Seconds/stroke, heart rate, Total Strokes, battery used
  • Sensor Support (Optical HR*
  • Optical HR will use ‘Other’ Activity Type.
  • AutoLap (pool lap, Distance or Position)
  • Pool lap detection uses 5 metrics to compute lap pool distance***. Counts laps and distance
  • No pool size restriction
  • Transitions for total workout information (CIQ 2.0)

*Generic Activities available to bypass optical HR restrictions.

**GPS signal is blocked while GPS receiver is submersed in water. Results may provide improved results due to increased sampling.

***Due to Garmin policy, Non-GPS distance values cannot be written to the main distance fields in Garmin Connect. SwimSport+ writes the NonGPS Distance Data in CIQ data section.

-Brian B.


7 thoughts on “SwimSports+ released!

  1. Just waiting for the page to be available so I can get it. Getting this error when I click the link;
    The page you are looking for was not found.
    If you were looking for a specific app, it may no longer be available, or you may not have permission to view it.

  2. love the app so far, just wondering if you can change it from Meters to yards as most pools in the US are measured in yards. Also, I love the fact it gives me a bit extra but when i swim 1700 yards it says i swam 17,000. How do I fix this? also, is there a user manuel for this app? I don’t know what half of the stuff means or what it does

    • Jason,
      The app internally displays either yard or meters based on the watch distance units (miles or kilometers). But the input for pool length is in meters, for a 25 yard pool use 22.86 meters. From the 17,000, it looks as if the pool length in settings is off by a factor of 10. The settings will accept a float value(22.86).

  3. using Garmin 245. I’d like to record my HR, should I choose ‘Open Swim’ or ‘Generic OpenSwim?’ Are there any other differences in choosing ‘Generic?’

    • Newer watches with the 3rd generation optical can use the Open/lap swim older optical sensor watches should use the Generic if optical heart rate is wanted.

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